Nine-Year-Old Pet Queen


Xiao Yueyue's face was frightening, but he still said in a cold voice, "Those are none of your business." You … ! ! "Su Si laughed back angrily.".

Xiao Yueyue's face was frightening, but he still said in a cold voice, "Those are none of your business." You … ! ! "Su Si laughed back angrily.". He took a deep look at him and said no more. Close your eyes and go to sleep. Had it not been for the fact that breathing was still rapid and still not calmed down, everything just happened as if it had never happened. I don't know how long the strange silence echoed between the two men. . Xiao Yueyue sighed with a long sigh that he had already decided to leave his children behind, so he would not touch anyone. You … Have you ever really thought that I would be attracted to you? … ” Xiao Yueyue said helplessly. However, the people around him seemed to have really fallen asleep, and someone responded. Night, particularly cool, the heart, particularly quiet. Chapter 65 of the third volume of the main text: Four Major Generals of Susidiao Updated: 2009-10-13 12:11:42 Words in this Chapter: 3991 Volume III Chapter 65 Susidiao Four Major Generals A few days later, after the next court, Ke Yan, as usual, came to Fenglaiyi Palace with the silly emperor. The silly emperor sat for a while and ran out again. When Su Si saw Ke Yan nodding and hinting, he knew that the matter was settled. "Make up for this palace," he said to the meditation beside him. "This palace is going to leave." Su Si looked at Ke Yan, who didn't know anything, and said lightly, "Lord Ke, don't you mind having more followers around you?". "Of course I don't mind, empress," said Ke Yan with a smile. It's no use to mind, is it? Su Si nodded and let Ning. Si helped him in. After a while,Flushometer valve, a young man came out. Dressed in the dark blue eunuch clothes in the palace, with a face like white jade, God. "He thought indifferently, bowed his head and gathered his eyes, and looked like any of the other clever eunuchs in the palace." Let's go, old man. Su Si walked up behind him and said lightly. He glanced back at Shen Yang and said meaningfully, "I'll leave it to you.". No one comes. The palace has been sleeping behind closed doors. Do you understand? Shen Yangyan nodded with a bump. Meditate a look of desire to speak and stop, although confused,Flush Retrofit Kit, but, Miss, she naturally should not ask what. Finally, he could only nod his head. Su Si looked at her and smiled appeasingly. "Don't worry.". Along the way, walking on the deserted stone steps, Ke Yan couldn't help asking, "Empress, I heard that General Teng suddenly said goodbye to Teng Fu a few days ago and insisted on returning to the camp.". Heard, this is the idea of the empress? Su Si tilted his head to look at him. "What's the matter?"? Is it difficult or not? This palace is not a reward of gold and silver jewelry to Teng Fu, but also promised to rob Ge's favorite woman this palace for him to take care of, Teng Lao is not satisfied? The old man of Teng Mansion was once very prestigious. Later, because of his age and poor health, he was allowed to retire and go home to recuperate. But his influence is still there. Three sons and a little daughter, the eldest son seems to be a natural and unrestrained temperament, travel mountains and rivers, make friends widely, Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin ,Self-closing Shower Valve, is a romantic wandering son; the second son is a general, the third son is the commander of the imperial guards. The youngest daughter was just fifteen years old, and she was old enough to get married. She was said to be beautiful and talented, and the people who came to ask for marriage almost broke the threshold. It's just that Teng Lao's vision is very high, and he still has a satisfactory son-in-law. Ke Yan was somewhat shocked by her rhetorical question. "I'm afraid," he said respectfully. "I just can't guess what the empress is thinking. Teng Lao was a little angry at first, but after the old minister conveyed the promise of the empress, he was silent. Su Si's eyes became deep and cold. He looked at the vermilion palace gate at the end of the long stone slab and said in a complicated tone, "After a while, you will know what this palace has done for.". The message conveyed by the night Qi made Su Si aware of its seriousness. It seems that the war is imminent. Yin is trying to find evidence of collaboration, and then publish it throughout the court, so as to deprive the reactionary forces in the court at one stroke. However, aware of Qi's hesitation and strangeness, Su Si also knew that it was difficult. Everything outside the palace has been handed over to the hermit, so everything inside the palace has to be prepared in advance. Prevent all accidents that may happen. Because of the Jinbi Dynasty, because of the month, because of the existence of hidden, so, has been indifferent to her can not afford to lose anything. And to win, you have to do everything well. Just out of the palace gate, Su Si looked around. After a while, a figure came over respectfully and said softly, "Master.". Su Si looks at him, play a foolish smile, the road rises tiptoe to touch his head, "good.". Ke Yan looked at the livid young man in front of him, nodded, and said hello: "Lord Su.". Su Ye respectfully said, "Lord Ke." Ke Yan was a patriarch in the court. He had a very high status. In addition, he was virtuous, diligent, honest and rigid. He made a great contribution to the court. Even the emperors of the two Dynasties admired him. At this time, Su Ye was surprised to see him with this strange little queen. Is it difficult for even Lord Ke to be bribed by her? Faced with his doubts, Su Si and Ke Yan just smiled at each other. "Old man," Su Si said to himself, "this is a new little slave from the palace. Let him learn from this trip. Su Ye turned his head and seemed to be somewhat dissatisfied with her introduction, but he did not dare to resist, so he could only squat in the corner with a black face. Ke Yanyu ignored the spark of friction between the two men and just smiled. Empress, Lord Su, please. After a while, several people arrived at Ke Fu. At the gate, there are stone lions placed in front of other mansions. The gate is also very small, but it is simple and old, and has a lot of details. Seeing him, an old man ran out of the room, who looked like a housekeeper. The housekeeper dressed simply, smiled calmly, and sure enough, what kind of master had what kind of servant. See follow Su Si and Su Ye, although do not know their identity, still neither humble nor overbearing way: "Two please.". Su Si looked at Ke Yan and said softly,Stainless Steel Toilet China, "The old man has a good eye.". Su Ye didn't understand what she was talking about. But Ke Yan naturally knew. He stroked his beard and said with a loud laugh, "That's natural." Ke Yan took one look at Su Ye and said, "Why isn't the empress three times?". Su Si also smiled. Several people brought each other into the house.



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