Movie Queen Doesn't Want to Fall in Love [Rebirth]


Movie Queen Doesn't Want to Fall in Love [Rebirth]

Meng Lingluo said: "Once back before liberation, today's commercial shot a lot of not, the director was very angry." Bai Ling frowned. "Did he scold you?" "No." Meng Lingluo shook his head and hesitated for a long time and asked, "Bai Ling, are you worried about me?" "Of course." Bai Ling honestly expressed what he thought, and then turned the topic to the play, "What type of advertisement did you shoot?" No one answered. Lingluo? Bai Ling is a little puzzled, why is the little girl so abnormal today? "Yes!" Meng Lingluo recovered from his joy. "What's the matter?" "What kind of advertisement is this?" "Love." Chocolate, as an indispensable protagonist to express love, has always been the standard of Valentine's Day, and Meng Lingluo's small theatre shooting this time is based on the theme of love. As a single person who has never been in love, Meng Lingluo really can't show his loving eyes to a stranger. Love is really a little difficult for Meng Lingluo, and I can't blame the little girl for not shooting well. After thinking for a while, Bai Ling said, "Do you have anyone you like now?" Meng Lingluo secretly grabbed the corner of his clothes and nodded nervously, thinking that his mind had been seen by Bai Ling. Then you can think of the other person as that person and imagine him talking to you again. This is really no way, Meng Lingluo can not always not shoot, or a few minutes to like a person. Bai Ling.. Meng Lingluo said timidly, "can I think of you?" "Hm?" "I like Master very much." Instinctively, Meng Lingluo did not use the word "like you." OK Bai Ling didn't think much about it. Instinctively,Service Sink Faucets, she did not ponder whether the sentence had any other meaning. Meng Lingluo smiled, "I like Master best." "I like you best as an apprentice, too." To the child, Bai Ling is always ruthless, perhaps she is old, "go quickly, must be once Yo, come on ~" "Mmm!"! Be sure to work hard! Wen Nianwei came late when it was dark,Stainless Steel Shower Tray, and she was accompanied by another person, a child, a teenager. When Bai Ling saw the man, his pupils suddenly contracted. What's he doing here! 030 Meng Lingluo called Bai Ling in the evening, and the advertisement was shot smoothly, and the director even gave a good comment. Bai Ling listened to the occasional absent-minded response to the phone, apparently thinking about other things. Bai Ling, are you tired? Meng Lingluo's concerned voice came from the other end of the phone. A little. Bai Ling's answer. Then I'll hang up and you go to rest quickly. Bai Ling could hear the loss in Meng Lingluo's tone, and comforted her by saying that she would be in a slightly better mood after shooting the program tomorrow. After hanging up the phone, Bai Ling went to the window. I don't know when the snow began to fall outside the window. The heavy snow like goose feather was swaying down. It was blown by the wind halfway and there was no place to hide. It had to hang on the roof and the eaves of the trees on the way, one by one, piling deeper and deeper. There was enough heating in the room, and she didn't feel cold in her unlined clothes, but Bai Ling hugged her arms tightly, Self-closing Faucet ,Time Delay Faucet, and the wind seemed to blow through the glass on her. Out of his pocket, he took out the small black purse that he had been carrying with him. The embroidery of the flying crane had been covered with rough edges, and the fingers holding the purse were slightly white. Bai Ling blinked hard, thinking he couldn't help it, but nothing fell after all. It snowed heavily all night, and the next day, the cool river was shrouded in boundless snow. Twenty or thirty centimeters of snow piled up on the roof in front of the house, plus the previous height, wrapped the whole house of the farmer, leaving only a door to get in and out, which looked like a white mushroom from a distance. In front of the hotel, someone drove a bulldozer to shovel the snow that could not be stepped on and clear the road, but the snow on both sides of the road did not move. Several children who got up early are having a snowball fight in the snow. Perhaps because of the children, Wen Nianwei, who used to wake up several people, came late for dinner. Sorry I'm late. Wen Nianwei pulled the boy to the table. The boy very consciously loosened his grip on Wen Nianwei's hand and pulled out the stool. Several people thought it was the boy himself who wanted to sit down. Unexpectedly, he sat aside, and the open stool was left to Wen Nianwei. Wow, sister Wen, your child is so clever and sensible. I really want to hug him and kiss him. "An Xiazui has always been an active person at the dinner table, and this sentence has no effect on her." Be careful that the children regard you as a strange aunt. Zhou Chen put the dish on Anxia's drunk plate and mocked her in a roundabout way. Sure enough, as soon as the voice fell, he was severely trampled on. Wen Nianwei liked that sentence very much. She rubbed the boy's head and ordered, "Ange, call aunt." Ange tilted his head and blinked a pair of big eyes, and called out aunt cleverly. As soon as this appellation came out, she forced Anxia drunk to recognize the fact that she was no longer young, so she suggested, "Sister Wen." Don't you think my sister is more suitable for me? Wen Nianwei picked up a Steamed Small Meat Dumpling in Basket to Ange and asked by the way, "What do you think of Ange?"? Do you want to call me sister or aunt? An Xiazui waited expectantly for the child to call out her long-awaited sister. But the boy looked up, looked at it for a few seconds, called aunt again very seriously, and then lowered his head to concentrate on solving the food on the plate, which was a good implementation of the old saying "eating without words". Aunt Anxia drunk to cry without tears, she is only twenty-three this year, not thirty-two, why use such an unfriendly name to call her! It is agreed that there are true feelings in the world and true love in the world! Sister Wen brought a child here for revenge! Over there Ke Peixin and Zhou Chen looked at each other, completely do not understand where the difference between sister and aunt, even if Ange called sister, age will not become younger, why with their own. Woman is indeed an incomprehensible and contradictory creature. Bai Ling, who used to say a few words occasionally, said nothing today, but ate silently with his head down. Wen Nianwei looked at the two people, one big and one small,Stainless Steel Prison Toilet, who were eating crazily, sighed to herself and did not speak. As a tourist attraction developed in recent ten years, Lianghe makes full use of local resources.



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