Feng Lin Tian Xia: Princess at the Age of 13 _ Pai Pai Novels


Feng Lin Tian Xia: Princess at the Age of 13 _ Pai Pai Novels

Liu Yue, who has given birth to children, takes off the tender green and astringent, and ten thousand kinds of mature amorous feelings, which inadvertently charms thousands of people. At this time, Liu Yue Luo shirt half solution, is being Xuanyuan Che pressure on the bed, two people fiercely kiss. You're giving me a baby. In the passionate kiss, Xuanyuan Che's hoarse voice whispered on the lips of the moon, and the big hand had already touched down along the white neck. When Liu Yue heard this, she chuckled and stretched out her arm to hook Xuanyuan Che's neck. Just as she was about to speak, she suddenly frowned. At the same time, Xuanyuan Che also stopped moving, and his face began to turn blue. Beside the bed they couldn't see, behind the jadeite windscreen. At this time, two pairs of big black eyes, through the black jade cabinet, are staring at the intense sex scenes that will be staged. The four holes dug in the jet made the two pairs of black eyes hide seamlessly. In this peep,needle valve manufacturer, Xuanyuan Che livid face, suddenly a turn to sit up, a back flip fell in front of the black jade cabinet. The black jade cabinet door was shattered with a bang. Now, get those two little ones out of the closet. See only, the baby nose of two people powder makeup jade chisel is stuffed with two balls of silk cloth, covering the mouth with both hands, preventing oneself from making a sound,ball valve manufacturer, that God! Love is exciting. At this time, he was not caught peeping at the scene and had the slightest sense of guilt and panic. Instead, his face was calm and calm, and he smiled innocently. "What are you doing here?" Xuanyuan Che roared as soon as he saw the smoke coming out of his head. "Look at the difficult and great problem of reproduction, and how we fell into the belly of our mother." The little guy on the left is smiling. Bend. That said that Xuanyuan Che was going to vomit blood. Who told you to come? Liu Yue sat on the bed, listening to the words of the mouth trembling, that expression. "Uncle Ouyang said that if you want to defeat the father who can win every time after robbing our mother, you must know yourself and your enemy and fight each other fundamentally." The little guy on the right clenched his fist and aimed at Xuanyuan Che quite sincerely. "Then the two little ones looked at each other and nodded heavily." Now we know why the father can win the mother every time. So that's it. Two clear children's voices fell. The two little ones stretched out their heads at the same time, facing each other. Boo. A loud kiss, two small quite do not avoid suspicion in front of Liu Yue and Xuan yuan Che, carried out a very hot kiss. The lively bedroom immediately fell silent. There is a dead silence in which the air begins to condense, not to mention that the needle can be heard when it falls. Then there was a clicking sound in the silence. With the sound of grinding teeth, a storm began to brew between Xuanyuan Che's eyebrows. Rubbing the applause, 12 needle valve ,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, Liu Yue stood up slowly with an expressionless face. As soon as the two little ones saw each other, their big eyes, which were as black as grapes, rolled. Hand in hand, the two men began to move in the direction of the temple door at a considerable speed. One side is very polite way: "Now that we already know the reason, then do not disturb the mother and father emperor to reproduce the next generation of sacred responsibility." Service.. Before the little guy on the left had finished speaking, he glanced at the line of sight of the moon, and immediately cleverly shut his mouth. The one on the right immediately raised a lovely smiling face: "We also like to have a younger brother or sister, not to disturb the father and mother." I won't bother you. With that, the two boys looked at each other, and only one signal rose in their eyes. Murderous! Run. At that moment, he moved his two little fat legs and rushed towards the door of the temple. Stop right there. Xuanyuan Che's face is livid, staring at two people is a roar. The two boys rushed out without looking back and said, "Uncle Ouyang said we can't vent our anger, especially on our two children.". This is very unfriendly and unwise. It will reduce the charm of the father and the mother. "What?" Liu Yue's low voice slowly sounded in the ears of the two small, very heavy, very cold. The two little girls did not look back. As he rushed out, he said in unison, "Uncle Ouyang said that if we had hit the vital point of the father and the mother.". Stabbed into your soft underbelly. If you want to be angry, please ask your father and mother to find him, so as not to involve the innocent two of us. We are too young to bear an angry father and mother. Listening to a series of soft words and crisp sounds from the two little ones, the livid Liuyue and Xuanyuan Che looked at each other. He gnashed his teeth and narrowed his eyes. According to what the two of them said, the fat man beat them up today, and he became angry because the two of them had broken their good deed. It's their fault. The anger was raging and the murderous look began to spread. Good. Keep the two little ones. The older one should be able to withstand their anger. At that moment, followed by the whole Tianchen Palace, in this quiet night, I suddenly heard that the already irascible dragon broke through the air and turned into a Tyrannosaurus Rex. The angry roar shook the earth and roared above the nine heavens. Ouyang Yufei, come out. It is simply heaven and earth fall for it, the sun and the moon have no light for it, that murderous look. There is a killing realm in which birds fly away from thousands of mountains and people disappear from thousands of paths. Imperial Palace Taishang Palace. The emperor lost his temper again. The queen mother Chen slept hazily and muttered. Overlord Xuanyuan Yi turned over and murmured, "This child is very angry. Go to sleep quickly." Yan Hu, who is in charge of today's patrol, is patrolling the area of the emperors' bedroom with the dragon guards behind him. Hearing the riot, he waved his hand to stop a group of soldiers behind him. Touching his chin, he said to the lieutenant on the side, "Today's fire seems to be better than yesterday's." Big The lieutenant hesitated for a moment, nodded, and gave full affirmation. Seeing this, Yanhu nodded and looked at the lieutenant beside him in a friendly way: "With such a murderous look, I don't think Xiao Xiao dares to make a mistake easily." The lieutenant also looked at Yanhu in a friendly way and said, "The emperors and empresses show their power. There is absolutely no human habitation within ten miles. It is not the best opportunity for a sneak attack." "So.." Yan Hu smiled brightly and waved his hand: "Go. There is no need to patrol in the sphere of influence of the emperors and empresses. Change the way." The present,stainless steel tube fitting, the body After a group of soldiers, there is no doubt about the diversion, do not patrol the emperors and empresses bedroom sphere of influence. Are you kidding me? The muzzle of a gun that gets angry after hitting God. chinaroke.com



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