Black-Dumb House 1


How long is a person's life? Life Just between you and me.. The boss felt the burning temperature of the doctor's palm, which spread up his arm and ironed him to the bottom of his heart.

How long is a person's life? Life Just between you and me.. The boss felt the burning temperature of the doctor's palm, which spread up his arm and ironed him to the bottom of his heart. The boss moved his lips and just wanted to say something, but he felt the ground shaking for a while, and they could hardly stand, standing against the tomb passage. After waiting for this to shake to pass, the doctor is frightened: "Be an earthquake?" "I'm afraid Hu Hai touched something." The boss looked grave and then said with a wry smile, "Now we can't get out." The doctor followed his line of sight and found that the tomb passage they were in was strong enough to withstand the shaking, but the secret passage that the craftsmen had stolen could not be stopped, and the soft sand and stones had fallen and completely blocked the secret passage. It's a good thing you were worried about him and didn't leave right away, otherwise you would have been buried alive in it. The candle floated in midair and said in an indifferent tone, "Buddha Day, planting is the cause, receiving is the result, and everything is created by idealism.". If so. "" The doctor knew that the candle had probably stayed with the young monk for a long time and would spit out a few Buddhist sutras from time to time, but what she said was true, if he had just climbed into the secret passage. The doctor looked at the sealed secret passage and was so shocked that his scalp tingled. How do we get out? The doctor looked at the boss for help. The boss said with a wry smile,stainless steel hydraulic fitting, "The underground palace of the Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor is surrounded by a thick layer of sand, which is the legendary sand sea.". This sand sea is the first line of defense of the underground palace of the Qin Mausoleum, so that grave robbers can not enter the tomb through digging holes. The secret passage was built by craftsmen in a secret way, but the shock has destroyed the passage and filled it with sand again. So, they can't get out? There was no sense of reality for the doctor to be trapped, and there was a roar of footsteps in the depths of the tomb passage. And what is that? "It should be the Terracotta Warriors and Horses that have been activated." The boss couldn't even squeeze out a wry smile on his face. "The terracotta warriors and horses on both sides of the tomb passage we just passed are actually terracotta warriors controlled by organs. As long as we confirm that there are intruders,14 tube fitting, they will automatically attack with swords." The doctor was speechless. No wonder the swords on the terracotta warriors and horses he saw were all real swords. The deafening sound of footsteps approached again and again, like a seductive ghost. For the first time, the doctor saw panic and apology in the eyes of the boss. He was extremely nervous. Instead, he calmed down and said with a smile, "Don't feel sorry. I'm probably doomed not to live long. How many people in this world can die so vigorously like me?"? Hey, boss, you said that a few years later, when someone excavated the Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor, they found your and my bones. Will they guess our identities? By the way, should I burn the ID card in my wallet. The boss was directly speechless. The doctor nagged and complained that he did not look like a man in danger at all, but when the first terracotta warriors appeared in their sight, the doctor could not help but gasp and pull the boss back a step. They had reached the end of the tomb passage, hydraulic fitting supplier ,tube fitting manufacturer, and the sealed stone behind them was so thick that even explosives could not be blown up. Instead of feeling desperate, the doctor stood in front of the boss and said with a smile, "Last time you stood in front of me, this time I will protect you." The boss knew he was referring to the White Snake Umbrella, but at this point, it wouldn't make any difference who was in front of whom, just a second earlier or a moment later. The boss knew that the doctor was trying to stand in front of him, looked at his still trembling shoulders, smiled, and suddenly felt that he had not worked in vain for many years. The candle floated in the air of the tomb passage, and his face was expressionless. It doesn't matter to her, who lives and who dies, it really doesn't matter. Neither the doctor nor the boss spoke, but the army of terracotta warriors and horses in front of them was slowly approaching, and they were about to die when a halo of white light suddenly appeared on the wall of the tomb passage on their right side. And in that halo, there was a wonderful bird call. Isn't this the cry of Sanqing? Oh, it's really raised by me, but it sounds better than that skylark. "The doctor shook his head proudly, only to realize something was wrong." Eh? How can I hear Sanqing's cry here? Sanqing is the Sanqingniao who was released from the seal in the Book of Mountains and Seas. The doctor has been keeping it in the dumb house. How can he hear it here? The doctor looked at the bright white halo and saw it spread out in all directions. In the center of the halo, there was a scene in the dumb house. Even the fast food boxes he had not packed before he left were still on the counter. Three bluebirds are flying around in the house of the dumb house, singing constantly. The doctor knew that it might be trying to say something, but he couldn't understand the bird's language! "Come here quickly. Xiaobai's ability to split space won't last that long." A fierce husky stuck his head out of the recliner of the dumb house and yawned lazily, "Sanqing is so noisy, otherwise we won't come over." "Meow!"! Don't call me Xiao Bai! A palm-sized white cat jumped on the counter and fried its hair angrily. The doctor understood, and whether the boss agreed or not, he dragged him through the halo in a hurry. When the foot stepped on the solid wood floor of the dumb house, the doctor had a sense of reality, and just relaxed for a moment, a cold wind came from behind, and then was pushed away vigorously. He sat on the ground in a daze and almost threw the mermaid candle in his hand to the ground. The doctor hurriedly put the mermaid candle away, and then raised his head, just in time to see the scene in the tomb passage on the wall gradually disappeared, while behind the boss stood a terracotta warrior holding a bronze sword, the tip of the sword was still firmly clamped in the hands of the boss, it seems that the terracotta warrior is following them through to the dumb house. It seems that a room should be set aside for this distinguished guest. The boss tightened his brows and poked his finger somewhere in the chest of the terracotta warriors and horses, which made the terracotta warriors and horses who wanted to break free stand still and turn back into the terracoblasts in the guard. In fact, you can put it at the door to guard against theft. The doctor narrowly escaped death,stainless steel needle valve, and as soon as he relaxed, he no longer had the strength to stand up, so he simply lay on the floor and laughed. Three bluebirds landed on his eyelids and rubbed his cheeks affectionately.



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