Love and marriage "marriage like winter sun reborn military marriage chief, good morning!" Txt complete works


Love and marriage "marriage like winter sun reborn military marriage chief, good morning!" Txt complete works

It was not easy for his grandson to do it. How could Chen's father allow Chen Feng to give up his bright future because of these personal feelings. As long as Chen Feng is standing firm, even if they are two old dead, Chen Feng can not come back to see them off, he does not blame Chen Feng this grandson. Father Chen also said that if Qiao Ziqi dared to make such a selfish request, Chen Feng would dare to agree, and he would not recognize them again and would not call them grandparents. Father Chen was also angry with people like Qiao Ziqi. No matter when, even in front of his only son, Qiao Ziqi was still so selfish. At most, under the premise of not hurting Chen Feng, and then how to be good to himself, Qiao Ziqi how to make demands on Chen Feng. Chen father very regret to see in the face of the grandson, that year agreed to let Chen Jun marry Qiao Ziqi, the best way, to Chen Feng not Qiao Ziqi, let Chen Jun marry Qiao Nan. Of course, Chen Fu's idea is not much better than Qiao Ziqi, but Chen Fu put down his cruel words, that is, Chen Feng is not allowed to return to Pingcheng life, the attitude is quite firm, there is no room for discussion. Compared with Qiao Ziqi's mother, Chen Feng certainly has much deeper feelings for Chen's father and mother. After listening to Grandpa and Grandma's words, plus his girlfriend in the city, it is impossible to return to Pingcheng, Chen Feng's Libra in the heart of which day, there is no accident? "Mom, I may have to stay in Duzhan and not go back to Pingcheng. As for the job, I have found it." Early say late say, all want to say, moreover, Chen Feng is also pestered by Qiao Ziqi. Had it not been for the quiet completion of Grandpa's funeral, Chen Feng would have told Qiao Ziqi, he did not understand, Qiao Ziqi has this age, how to do things so capricious, a little human accident do not understand. Chen Feng is once again glad that he did not grow up around Qiao Ziqi, otherwise, he really doubts whether he can grow up to be today's extremely positive self. What The answer that oneself fear to hear most, still was said by the son, Qiao Ziqi blushes: "No, I do not agree, if you are in the exhibition, how do I do?"? Feng Feng, you don't want to retire for me, do you? Sure enough. When Qiao Ziqi heard this, Chen Feng was disappointed. He just said that he was going to be in Duzhan. When did he say that he would not give his mother a pension? Mom, you can rest assured that I will do it for my old age. I also made this decision after careful consideration. It's better for me to stay in the exhibition. Endure, Chen Feng has not said that he not only made a girlfriend, Cold Drawn Steel Tubes ,stainless steel 304 pipes, and girlfriend or Qiaonan niece, is bigger than their own Jiajia thing. Because he was worried that once he told the situation, his mother would make more trouble. I don't believe you. You promised me that although you went to school, you could go back to work in Pingcheng. You've been lying to me. I don't believe you. For Qiao Ziqi, Chen Feng has a lot of black records. First agreed to pick a university near Pingcheng, who knows, Chen Feng applied for all. The son is promising, took an examination of so good school, Qiao Ziqi face has face, also endure, did not do, this just discussed the problem of where to work after he graduates with Chen Feng. Who knows, Chen Feng changed his mind again. This time, Qiao Ziqi was not willing to be as talkative as before. He insisted on Chen Feng's admission: "Don't forget, your father is gone. Your grandparents have only one grandson. If you don't come back, what will they do? Have you thought about it?" “……” At the mention of Chen's father and mother, Chen Feng did not have to speak, he did not come back, that is, his grandparents gave him orders. Seeing Chen Feng's expression, Qiao Ziqi thought about it and his eyes burst into flames: "She is strange. Her son Fengfeng is so obedient. How can he cheat her again and again?". For a long time, it was the two old devils of the Chen family who wanted to break up their mother and son. Seeing that they had a good relationship, they felt uncomfortable, didn't they? Qiao Ziqi likes to argue and compare most: "OK, I understand.". Feng Feng, I ask you now, in your heart, is your grandparents important, or is my mother the most important? In other words, if Chen Feng felt that her mother was more important, she should stay in Pingcheng and come back to provide for her old age! Chen Feng rubbed his forehead with a headache. He didn't understand where his mother got the confidence to ask such an obvious question. How can his mother compare with his grandparents, three people together, in terms of quantity, his grandparents win, really compared to the feelings, grandparents casually take out one, can also kill his mother to the kind of ah. For this question, Chen Feng does not need to hesitate to give Qiao Ziqi an answer. However, Chen Feng in the end is a soft-hearted child, he knows that his mother is a clear, even if he gave the answer, his mother is still not clear, but the answer is quite called his mother hurt. Sometimes silence is the best answer. If his answer is to make Qiao Ziqi happy, Chen Feng does not need to face Qiao Ziqi in silence. It happened that Qiao Ziqi said unconsciously, "Don't stop talking. Don't try to muddle through this question.". It's cruel for you to make such a choice, but I am your mother. Don't you think what your grandparents did was too much? When you sympathized with them, did they ever understand our mother and son? You call now and tell your grandma that you're going back to work in Pingcheng and that you're going to live with my mother. How could grandpa and grandma kiss her mother? All the children in the world are the closest to their mothers. What kind of onion and garlic are grandparents. Since the two old immortals of the Chen family were so unconscious that they had to jump out to look for abuse, why should she be polite to these two old bones? Everything was brought on by these two old bones. Furthermore, these two old people were not good to her before, and she didn't have to call each other parents now. The more Qiao Ziqi felt, he didn't have any good intentions and softness. The softness of these two old people was cruel to himself. Qiao Ziqi asked a very foolish question, and had a very foolish cognition,Cold Drawn Tubes, which made Chen Feng laugh and cry, and the woman in front of him was his own mother. Mom, I grew up around my grandparents. Chen Feng reminded Qiao Ziqi.



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