Oriental Jade Dragon Sun


Then she blew out the oil lamp with a sound of "flapping", and the stone room became dark. She groped for the door lightly.

Then she blew out the oil lamp with a sound of "flapping", and the stone room became dark. She groped for the door lightly. Move over. Fang Zhenyu knew that she was well-intentioned, and if the poison in her body was not eliminated, her heart would always be irritable, just by rhinoceros. Angle folding fan a little cool to suppress the medicinal properties, is not the way, the moment will not say more, sit cross-legged on the ground, hands. Fan, close your eyes and breathe. At this time, on the Baizhang cliff, suddenly lit up a color of blue sparks, straight up to the sky. Of course it's a signal, but I don't know who sent it? It was late at night, and it was Baizhang Peak, so it could be seen clearly within tens of miles nearby. At the same time as the spark lit up, five figures were running along a mountain path five miles away from Baizhang Cliff. It was five old people, although in the night, they ran very fast, these five people dressed in five colors, is the five elements of the door five. Old, search all the way. Suddenly the old man in Tsing Yi stopped at his feet and gazed at the sky. He waved his hand back and said, "It's a signal spark. It's possible ahead." What was the accident? The old man in white behind him said, "Maybe there is a trace of the enemy in front of us. There are several people who have been invited into the mountains to search for the thieves." With so much criticism, this signal is naturally everyone's contact signal. The old man in Tsing Yi nodded and said, "Third Brother is absolutely right. Let's go!" Not far away, I found a wooden sign erected in the middle of the mountain path ahead. It was dark, but under the gaze of the five men, they could still see clearly that it was a line of big characters written on charcoal: "Fang Zhenyu,beam impact tubes, a prostitute, kidnapped Miss Sun and hid in the Baizhang Cliff Grottoes." Dongfang Yu's Longsun Chapter 24 Night Battle of Grottoes The old man in Tsing Yi said, "The prostitute is really on the cliff." The old man in white raised his head and looked into the distance and said, "Although this cliff is not a hundred feet high, it has dozens of feet up and down." Five people at the foot very quickly, in a short time, has arrived at the cliff. The old man in black raised his eyebrows and said, "My God, this stone wall is as smooth as a mirror. It's not easy to go up there. If the prostitute guards on it, No matter how high the work is,side impact beams, it's hard to get on it. The old man in Tsing Yi nodded his head and said, "If we perform the Gecko Skill, although the stone wall is high, naturally it won't be difficult for us, but if we are a prostitute like a thief." If we go up on the cliff, we can't guarantee that we won't be hurt by his hidden weapon. This is really something to worry about! As the two men spoke, the old man in yellow turned his eyes and first found a long vine hanging down from the cliff on his right. Point to, say: "eldest brother, look quickly there is a mountain vine that hangs down over there, it is the shortcut that climbs cliff probably." The old man in Tsing Yi said, "Oh," and the old man in red suddenly hissed, "Someone's coming." The Five Elders of the Five Elements Gate are all experienced people in Jianghu. The voice of the second brother came out, and the film industry of the Five Elements Gate was as fast as lightning. They went and hid themselves among the nearby rocks and grass. Just as everyone was hiding, they saw a figure, like a horse running, falling on the place where the five people had just stopped. He took one look at Baizhang Cliff, then jumped up, grabbed the long vine in one hand, and his robe fluttered in the wind, side impact door beams ,side impact beams, and quickly rose up, but he blinked. Husband. The figure is getting smaller and smaller, and has reached the top of the cliff. The old man in red was the first to sweep out, and the other four also flew down to their original positions one after another. "Boss," said the old man in white, "this man is very skillful. Who do you think he is?" The old man in Tsing Yi held his beard in one hand and said with a smile, "You're the closest to him. Didn't you see who he was?" "This man has a wide robe and big sleeves," said the old man in white. "He doesn't look like a layman." "That's right!" "Judging from his posture," said the Qingpao old man, "he's not inferior to the five of us. Third brother, don't you think about it? Who distributed the Wulin stickers this time and invited them to assist in boxing? "We've been invited by the Sun Escort Agency," said the old man in white. The old man in Tsing Yi said with a smile, "Then who is this man? Isn't he thinking more than half?" The old man in white said, "Oh, is it Master Mu?" "If it wasn't for him," said the old man, "who would have such great skill?" "Now that Master Mu has gone up the cliff," said the old man in yellow, "we should go up, too." "Not bad.". "" It's time we went up, "said the old man. At this point, he turned to the four of them and said, "Foolish brother first." Go ahead, break the back of the penis. Say, first of all, feet a meal, flying up. White clothes, black clothes, yellow clothes old man, waiting for the eldest brother to rub up five or six Zhangs, also fly in turn, each person kept five Zhangs. Distance, one after another knead the vine and go up, wait until after four people all go up, the second person in red also follow up. But after a cup of tea, the five elders had all climbed to the top of the cliff. As early as the old man in Tsing Yi climbed to the top of the cliff, he had carefully inspected the situation on the top of the cliff. There was a cliff in the east, so the grottoes should No doubt in the west, he made a gesture to the four men and whispered, "You come with me." Follow the stone wall, go to the left, with his experience, naturally soon found the grotto, he took the lead, until approaching the stone. At the entrance of the cave, his feet stopped unconsciously, his eyes condensed, and he looked into the hole for a while. By this time, it was nearly the second watch, the mountain moon was dim, and the grottoes were even darker. No matter how good your eyesight was, you could not see the situation in the grottoes clearly. Shape. He picked up a pebble in his right hand, flicked it with his fingers, and threw it into the cave. While listening attentively, he noticed that the pebble fell to the ground with a very loud sound. Empty, it can be asserted that the grotto is very spacious. Master Jiamu came up five people first, and naturally five people went into the cave first. At the moment, there was no movement in the cave. Seeing that the cave is not only spacious, but also there are holes in the cave, there must be many differences. The old man in Tsing Yi really deserves to be one of the Five Elders of the Five Elements. He has been in Jianghu for decades. He has made accurate judgments when things happen, but he has not yet entered. The general situation inside the mountain cave has been anticipated by him with his rich experience. Only then did he see his left hand hit the four people behind him again. Gesture, the body flashed, and quickly swept toward the grottoes. The Five Elders of the Five Elements School were originally brothers of the same school. They gathered together in cold and heat for dozens of years. Between the brothers,impact beam tubes, their hearts were naturally interlinked. Their eldest brother's gesture is to make everyone sweep into the cave with the fastest posture, and after entering the cave, fly to the ground. cbiesautomotive.com



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