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"I know you're going to the Valley." Bai Laodao, "but at this time, the passage to the courtyard has been closed, it is very difficult for you to enter in the normal way, and it is easy to frighten the snake, so if you really plan to go to the valley, I suggest you

"I know you're going to the Valley." Bai Laodao, "but at this time, the passage to the courtyard has been closed, it is very difficult for you to enter in the normal way, and it is easy to frighten the snake, so if you really plan to go to the valley, I suggest you go directly into the courtyard.." After a pause, Bai Lao stared at Ren Qianyou and said, "Your cause and effect is in the courtyard." What cause and effect, what reason, Ren Qianyou does not understand, he only cares about one thing: "Can we enter the ground well day from the air well day?" "Yes, and the courtyard is almost undefended, you can go in and out at will, but now the people in the valley are no longer in awe of the courtyard, I'm afraid the courtyard at this time has already changed beyond recognition." When you enter the courtyard, you must also be careful. Ren Qianyou and Xiao Qi looked at each other and nodded. Jin Tie yawned, apparently not understanding. That's all I said. Do you remember what I gave you? Ren Qianyou nodded. At this time,stainless steel tube 304, you already have two of the four keys. If you concentrate on the other two keys, you can open the secret in the courtyard. At this time, two of the four keys are in your hands, while the other two are in the hands of the people you want to deal with. You'd better get the remaining keys and open the secret first, otherwise I'm afraid.. The living beings will be plunged into misery. Besides, it's also about your other parents. "Another set of parents?" Ren Qianyou surprised, he will not have any strange identity,side impact door beams, is there any strange place in his own life? "Your brother's parents." Bai Laodao. Oh Ren Qianyou was suddenly enlightened. Your brother was going to end this. But this matter is doomed not to be he can end, but also need you to bear, so I did not tell him the secret of the courtyard day. Ren Qianyou sweats on his forehead. Are you playing? He also knew that his brother's strength was not much left, perhaps he was really willing but unable. In fact, your brother knew it would be like this, so he first went ahead to pave the road, and when the time was right, I would tell you everything. Ren Qianyou is speechless. What on earth are the two people, the old and the young, doing? I thought it was Bai Lao who played his brother, but I never thought that the two men had colluded. Not the brother you have now. Seeing that Ren Qianyou's understanding was wrong, Bai Lao shook his head and said, "It was before you were born and your brother had not died." "If I hadn't been found by your brother, Precision Welded pipes ,Precision steel tubes, your parents would have been changed by me. There were only two people in the alley, one was Xiaocheng, the other was your brother. At that time, he was almost injured in your brother's hands. That ability was really weird and powerful.." It's also because I lost a bet with your brother that I've been paying attention to you. This matter is really a bit complicated, Ren Qianyou felt that he had a big head. Moreover, this unimpressive alley and the old old city, is estimated to be the world's highest density of the top masters of the place. The most powerful martial artists and the most powerful abilities are all here. After you were born, I helped your parents bury your brother in the mountains.. Bai Lao continued, Ren Qianyou suddenly realized that he thought the grave in the mountain was the hiding place prepared by his parents, but at that time the strength of his parents had faded, how could he dig out such a place in the mountain? It turns out that someone is helping! "As soon as you get that thing your brother is wearing." Your brother will mobilize the last remaining strength to pull himself back from the distant time and space, after all, he still does not trust you, nor do he want him to leave things on your shoulders. Although both he and I know that this matter must be borne by you. He pointed to the necklace around Ren Qianyou's neck. "This is another key, which is said to be able to further open the secret, but I don't know how to use it." Touched the necklace in his neck, no wonder the original laser intended to rob it. It turns out to be such an important thing. Later, however, they never robbed it, and Ren Qianyou felt a little confused. I've said all I need to say. Bai Lao stood up, pulled out a very thick book from his bookshelf, opened the page, took out a thin pamphlet from it, and put it in front of Ren Qianyou. This is the map I drew of the Valley, which has marked all the places that need attention, as well as the way to open the gates connecting all the places. There's only one thing.. He looked at the small seven, "that day your father used your unique method to close the courtyard and the passage of Qiushou Mountain. How to open it depends on yourself.". Xiao Qi nodded. But Ren Qianyou said, "Xiao Qi, in fact, you don't have to go directly into the courtyard." "Why?" Xiao Qi was a little surprised. Now the passage has been closed, the sorceress Ling should not be able to enter the courtyard, if you intend to seek revenge for the sorceress Ling, you should be able to find her directly in the courtyard. He paused and said, "I'll accompany you to find the witch Ling to avenge first, and then go." "It doesn't have to be." Bai Laodao, "the passage between the four wells and the sky can be broken through by violence. I have seen the sorceress Ling you said. Her strength is absolutely possible to break through the passage. The only dangerous place to break through the passage is that after breaking through the passage, it will consume a lot of strength. At that time, facing the attack of the guards behind the passage, there is almost no possibility to survive." But you said that the witch Ling, should be with them, naturally will not be attacked. Ren Qianyou and Xiao Qi are speechless. What Ren Qianyou said is one possibility,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, while what Bai Lao said is another possibility. Both of these possibilities are very likely to happen, making it difficult to choose. Volume 4 Hongmen Feast Chapter 559 Longevity Valley There was a murmur in the old house, and the woman grabbed the man's arm. "Are you leaving?" 。



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