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Lin Xi looked at him in puzzlement until Ji Luchi whispered, "Sister Lin Xi, come here. I have something to say to you." Lin Xi saw that he was so mysterious that he had to bend over and put his ear to his mouth.

Lin Xi looked at him in puzzlement until Ji Luchi whispered, "Sister Lin Xi, come here. I have something to say to you." Lin Xi saw that he was so mysterious that he had to bend over and put his ear to his mouth. Ji Luchi was also afraid of being heard. He put his little hand on his mouth and said softly, "Brother, all the chairs here are broken. If you sit on them, you will fall down." Lin Xi: ".." In fact, do not blame Ji Lu late so cup bow snake shadow, before he came here, a door, Ji Junxing has not spoken, he climbed to the chair to sit down. It happened that he chose the chair with a missing leg. But at that time, the chair was not missing legs, but the legs of the chair were a little loose. He sat on it, his legs were shaking happily. With a clang, Ji Junxing heard a loud noise and rushed out of the bathroom to see the little guy sitting on the ground. Fortunately, he didn't fall, and he was frightened. Although Ji Luchi is now in much better health than before, who in the Ji family is not cautious about him. Ji Junxing immediately sent him to the hospital for examination. When Wen Xuan came over, he couldn't help scolding him. Probably before this visit, Wen Xuan told the little guy that he didn't want to sit anywhere. Lin Xi, come to dinner and let him stand. Ji Junxing did not hear what the little guy said, but he could guess, so he called Lin Xi to come over for dinner. Ji Luchi kept winking at Lin Xi, fearing that she would really listen to her brother. But Lin Xi still touched the little fellow's brain and said softly,plastic pallet suppliers, "You see, my brother is also sitting there.". If you don't want to sit in a chair, why don't you sit on the sofa? "I don't want it." Ji Luchi pouted. Who knows he is acting like a spoiled child, Ji Junxing complexion is slightly heavy, say in low voice: "Ji Lu is late, be obedient." Come on, where does Ji Luchi dare to be disobedient. Lin Xi went to the table and sat down. Seeing the little fellow sitting down with a sad face, she couldn't help whispering,ibc spill pallet, "Don't be so serious about tardy." It can be seen that Ji Luchi still likes Ji Junxing as always. Ji Junxing put down the soybean milk in his hand, leaned lightly on the back of his chair, with a lazy expression on his face. After listening to this, his lips were slightly raised. "Otherwise, how can I call him?"? Be a good boy? When he said the word "obedient", Lin Xi's teeth suddenly bit the straw in his mouth. See her raise his head, Ji Junxing with deliberate, this time he really deliberately lowered the voice, the original good voice, full of attractive taste, full of magnetism. Be good, be good. He stared straight at Lin Xi. This darling does not seem to be called Ji Luchi, but it seems to be called at Lin Xi. Lin Xi hurriedly lowered her head, and the straw in her mouth had been bitten to pieces by her. Fortunately, Ji Junxing resumed his usual expression. But next to Ji Luchi blinked his eyes and looked at what his brother had said to his sister Lin Xi. After a while, he finally whispered: "Brother, you are so disgusting." "Sister Lin Xi will be shy if you do this." Lin Xi: ".." After breakfast, plastic pallet manufacturer ,collapsible pallet box, Ji Junxing went in and took a coat. When he came out, he said directly, "Let's go." "Where are we going?" Lin Xi asked in puzzlement. Ji Luchi immediately said, "Sister Lin Xi, come with us." Lin Xi naturally had to follow the two of them. When she went downstairs, Ji Luchi happily took her by the hand and kept asking her, "Sister Lin Xi, why don't you come to my house?" Lin Xi did not know how to answer the child's innocent words. Fortunately, Ji Luchi has reached the age of strong thirst for knowledge, and he has a lot of questions. Lin Xi has not yet decided on this answer, he has asked several other questions in a row. Downstairs, Ji Junxing, who was walking in front of her, turned to look at her and asked softly, "Do you still think I have a bad attitude?" Well, Lin Xi wants to cry without tears. By this time, Ji's car was already waiting downstairs. The black Bentley was parked on the side of the road, and many passers-by kept looking back as they passed. Three people got into the car, and the driver immediately drove directly to the destination. Has been to the place to stop, Lin Xi on the road probably answered Ji Luchi hundreds of questions. When she got out of the car and saw the Children's Palace next to her, it was a little strange. Fortunately, she didn't ask much and followed the two brothers all the way inside. Wait until a training room, go in to see, Lin Xi is a little shocked. At this time, there were already several children, with a big table in the middle, on which there were many parts. At this time, there is a small thing moving on the ground, and not far away is a fence, divided into different areas on the left and right sides, each area has several small yellow star models. Ji Luchi, come quickly. A little boy was busy, but when he saw Ji Luchi standing at the door, he immediately greeted him. Ji Luchi ran over, and as soon as several little boys met, they chattered and chattered. Seeing the puzzled expression on Lin Xi's face, Ji Junxing said lightly: "Ji Luchi and his classmates formed a team to prepare for next year's national robot competition. Their robot had some problems last week. I came to have a look." "Is it so powerful now?" Lin Xi looked at Ji Luchi standing next to the big table with some surprise. She remembered the first time she saw him, he was holding a toy car. Pink tender little boy, eyes black and bright staring at her, that lovely appearance, Lin Xi today still remember as new. Who would have thought that he could now form a team with his classmates to participate in the robot competition. Lin Xi looked at the other students and felt that they were a little older. She couldn't help saying, "These students seem to be older than him." "Well, everyone else is in the fifth or sixth grade, and only he is in the third grade." Ji Luchi turned his head and shouted, "Brother, sister Lin Xi, come here quickly." When Ji Junxing and Lin Xi walked over, the other little boys looked at Ji Junxing and asked curiously, "Is this your brother, Ji Luchi?" Because Ji Luchi said he would hire a very powerful person to solve the problem for them. I didn't expect to invite his brother. Ji Luchi, a clever boy, heard the suspicion in their tone and immediately said,ibc spill containment pallet, "My brother is a student of Tsinghua University. He is very good at computer and has won many gold medals and trophies." "Right, brother?" With that, he looked at Ji Junxing and said. binpallet.com



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