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Not far away, I saw Hong Li painfully experiencing the sky fire. I remembered the way she stood under the tree and practiced magic over and over again. I remembered the way she walked past me with the scriptures in her arms and smiled at me.

Not far away, I saw Hong Li painfully experiencing the sky fire. I remembered the way she stood under the tree and practiced magic over and over again. I remembered the way she walked past me with the scriptures in her arms and smiled at me. I remembered that Yao Yun said that she was the most hard-working child he had ever seen, but unfortunately she was not the most talented one. I suddenly had an idea that I wanted to help her achieve her wish. Cultivating immortals has always been the whole meaning of her life, so what about achieving it? I gave up an opportunity that was within my grasp, just to see a different ending. I don't care about the surprise, admiration, regret and sympathy of the clansmen. Since then, the word "Hongli" has become the name that everyone in the clan longs for. A thousand years of magic power is destroyed, but there is not much regret and regret in my heart. It's a little regrettable that Hong Li left and never came back. I never saw what would happen to her after she fulfilled her wish. Perhaps nothing will change, still gentle and silent smile. Purple Soul came to say goodbye to me. He said he would leave his people and travel to the human world. He said he wanted to say goodbye anyway when he thought there was such an annoying person as me in the family. He seemed pleased with himself. At that time, he was superior to me in magic. And I kept silent all the time, watching his figure dissipate in the purple mist. Later, perhaps because of his words, I remembered the bamboo house that Yao Lin had been thinking about. Finally found the place where she used to live with the man who was my father by blood. Thick dust, simple layout, thick medical books on the bookshelves in the room, she can not forget only that memory. I read those local medical books. I don't know why I want to study medicine. Maybe I know subconsciously that I will leave here one day and travel to the world like all the people. When I first met Shiqian, I was in urgent need of a white camellia as a medicine guide,plastic pallet containers, but it was hard to find fresh white camellia in that season. Then I saw a girl dressed in plain clothes and pulling her head slowly and feebly. She was very beautiful. Her beautiful facial features gave people a kind of enchanting and indifferent feeling. Passers-by looked at her frequently, but she did not squint and only cared about her toes. I noticed the camellia in her hand, hesitated for a moment, and asked her for it. She handed me the flowers without saying anything. I stopped her and asked her how much it was. And her answer really embarrassed me. Perhaps at that time, I just thought she was a bold woman, somewhat duplicitous, and did not have much affection. So he thanked him hurriedly and left. I didn't expect to meet again so soon. On the hill,plastic pallet price, the green trees were all green, and she recognized me and greeted me. A handsome man stood beside her, smiling gently at her and walking side by side with her. Always used to indifference, I don't even know how to respond to other people's greetings, so I can only ignore the past with my usual indifferent attitude. She must have been annoyed at my rudeness, or not at all. Later, she stood up for a woman who came to seek medical treatment, and even threatened me that if I didn't get treatment, she would smash my hospital. In fact, as long as a small magic, I can other people forget today's things, but I promised her, plastic bulk containers ,plastic pallet suppliers, with her out of the hospital for treatment. I told myself that this was just to return the love of that camellia. Spell training to a certain stage, each additional tail will have about a month or so into the fox type can not use the spell. And at that time, I had the misfortune to meet a hunter. It was not my intention to be saved by her, but it would have been difficult for me to escape if I hadn't happened to meet her. After rushing up, she was frightened by the hunter's arrows and sprained her foot. Then she threatened the hunter to send her back and take me back with her. Then, as a matter of course, he gave me a vulgar name, Little Green. If I had protested, I would have scared her silly, right? I thought of the man's horror after knowing the identity of his mother Yao Lin. Most human beings are like this. Fear things that are different from oneself for no reason, whether they are demons or even human beings of different races. I want to leave in time after my leg injury is better. I don't hate her, but I can't stay there like a pet all the time. However, I saw her braving the rain to find me in the place where she met me. I've been hiding behind the tree and watching her, but I haven't shown up, so she thinks I'm gone. Who knew she was crying so miserably, holding a piece of fur that I don't know what kind of animal it was, calling my name in her mouth and crying. I do not know why some moved, perhaps just do not want to hear that annoying cry. So I turned back into a fox and showed up to look for her. And she threatened to shave my hair if she ran around again. It makes people laugh and cry. A few days later, she got a bell from somewhere and tied it to my hand. She said that if they met hunters again, they would not shoot them if they saw that they were raised by others. Inexplicably touched, even though I knew I would never encounter that kind of thing again. The bell she gave me has been worn on my body and not thrown away. Perhaps I am worried about her rash personality, and I will always follow her intentionally or unintentionally. Sometimes she knows, sometimes she doesn't. In fact, I also know that she is not as weak as she looks, but she always feels that her heart is hanging and hard to put down. Later, it became clear that when a man wants to protect a woman all the time, it may mean that he has fallen in love with her. I saw with my own eyes that she saved the little snake spirit she met on the way. I think at least she's not very exclusive. Even though what bothered me a little was the man who was with her at that time. They seem to be very familiar, childhood sweethearts, is that kind of relationship. "How about I study medicine with you?" She said in a joking tone. I didn't even think about it, so I said, "OK." So she had to ride a tiger to study medicine. In fact, her talent for studying medicine is not very good, and if she is serious, she may have a small success. Unfortunately, she always likes to avoid reciting medical books, and when she learns, she is mostly fooling around. Talent is not good, efforts are not enough, the body is not good, want to test drugs will be eliminated. However, I still taught her patiently. Maybe I just want to talk to her and see her every day. Are you afraid that one day she will suddenly say,plastic pallet manufacturer, "It's too boring to learn"? I did not expect that one day, I would indulge a person, but I was afraid of losing her.



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