Pure love novel "I can do everything after I dress up as a master" by the author: Kittens don't like to b


Pure love novel "I can do everything after I dress up as a master" by the author: Kittens don't like to bark.

"My parents found out and went to a drug rehabilitation center for fear that I would leave a criminal record, so they sent me to a drug rehabilitation school." "I deserve it." As he spoke, he looked up at Cheng Huan timidly, "Brother Cheng, I know I'm wrong. Don't dislike me." Cheng Huan did not say a word, to hope that the heart is not good, he hurriedly pulled Cheng Huan's sleeve, legs too weak to stand, almost to Cheng Huan kneel down, tone is with a desperate cry, "Cheng elder brother, I must be obedient, I will never again.". Don't kick me out. If you don't want me, I.. I really have no place to go. "I have no home anymore." The author has something to say: Cheng Huan: Panpan, don't cry, I want you. Chapter 13 the rich and powerful family is wrong (13). Xiang Pan is really panicking. Everyone knows the root of the matter, he knows that Cheng Huan and Su Ye all have difficulties, in contrast, he is a dead with them, like a stain. So to look forward to has been unable to let go, always work more and talk less. And Xiang Pan always knew in his heart that he was mostly abandoned by his parents. He stayed in a drug rehabilitation school for more than four years, and in the second year he had completely given up drugs. He thought at that time that maybe his parents would like to take him out, and he would live a good life instead of making trouble. Unfortunately,collapsible pallet bin, he waited for two years, and the instructor of the school told him that his parents had lost contact, that he had not even paid, and that the school had raised him in vain. And this time he ran out with a breath to go home and ask if his parents really didn't treat him as a son. Can follow all the way to watch, to look forward to feel oneself and Cheng Huan a few of them, is a bastard. The feelings between my parents and myself are all my own. Come and go, he is even more afraid to say. Cheng Huan sighed and held Xiang Pan in his arms and touched him. He had no face at all. "Are you homesick?" "I want to dream about it." Looking forward to the tears brushed away. C city! His house is right here. Every day he looked at yuan Yi guarding his mother and his sister, and his mind was full of wanting to run back to see his parents, but when he thought that he had been such a bastard,plastic pallet crates, he dared not go back. Now when Cheng Huan asked him, he was even more regretful. If you don't want to die like this, he can go back and admit his mistake to his parents now. Cheng Huan saw what he was thinking and took the initiative to ask him, "Where is the address?"? I'll take you back and see. Xiang Pan was silent for a long time, and then told Cheng Huan a place. Cheng Huan said to the others and went out with Xiang Pan. However, most of the time, things are not as perfect as they are. When Cheng Huan arrived at the place, Xiang Pan's family had already moved. Don't worry, let's go and ask. In an old city like C City, the relationship between neighbors is good, and Cheng Huan feels that most of them can ask questions. So he took the initiative to knock on the door of the neighbor's house, "I am a relative of the Xiang family. I came from my hometown to look for someone, but I found that he was gone.". Do you know where this family has moved to? Cheng Huan looks exquisite, and Xiang Pan is also clean and comely, so he doesn't look too defensive. In addition, the neighbor asked them about the Xiang family, plastic pallet bins ,collapsible pallet box, and Xiang hoped to be able to answer them one by one, so he believed them. I just told them a general location. It's in that upscale neighborhood up ahead. But this day? "The old man said," Lao Xiang's family used to run a restaurant, and the business was good. Later, his son took drugs, and they all suspected that there were poppy shells in his cooking. " Who dares to eat his family's food now? Come and go, if the restaurant can't go on, the whole family will move away! "Because my son takes drugs?" Xiang Pan felt that his blood was almost frozen. After a long time, he asked, "Are they all right now?" "Well, they know for themselves.". But I look not bad, after not opening a restaurant, Lao Xiang seems to have got a job of running transportation, and now he is better than the average person, but tired. "Thank you." Cheng Huan thanked him and went out with Xiang Pan. Looking forward to muddleheaded behind Cheng Huan, after walking out of the community, suddenly reached out and gave himself a slap. Look forward to! Cheng Huan was startled. Xiang Pan cried directly, "I'm not a human being, brother Cheng, I'm not a ***ing human being!" Thinking that his momentary humanity had harmed the whole family, he wished he could stab himself to make amends to his parents. Cheng Huan understood his mood, let him cry, and after he eased up, he advised him word by word, "I was not a person before, then I will be a person from now on!"! I'll take you to the neighborhood over there. "I.." Looking forward to saying no, but finally being pulled away by Cheng Huan. Along the way, Xiang Pan did not speak, but when he passed a silver shop, he suddenly stopped and stared at a necklace in the window. What's the matter? "My mother used to have one of these little flower necklaces. It was gold. Later, I had no money on hand, so I stole it." Cheng Huan stared at him for a moment, then suddenly took him in, paid for the necklace and threw it to him. Brother Cheng? "Keep it, and when you get rich and stand out, you can buy gold for your mother." Looking at Cheng Huan in a dull way, he reached out his hand and wiped his face mercilessly. Yes, he is only a few years old now. Follow Cheng Ge to do a good job. Sooner or later, he will be able to repay his parents. The next road, to look forward to finally a lot of positive. After waiting for that area, Cheng Huan asked the security guard again, and finally knew where his parents had moved to. Coincidentally, Cheng Huan just went downstairs and saw a car parked at the door of the building. It's my dad's car! Looking forward to the eyes suddenly bright, eager to rush up immediately. But the next second, he stopped and stood in place, cold all over. He saw his parents get out of the car one after the other, while his mother was holding a one-year-old boy in her arms, beautiful and lovely. Xiang Pan heard his mother calling the little boy "the only one." Looking forward to.. Cheng Huan called him, but Xiang Pan could not hear him. His mind was full of "the only one", "the only one", "the only only". It was not until a long time later that he shivered and said,collapsible bulk containers, "Brother Cheng, look, that's my brother!" What is funny is worse than crying. binpallet.com



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