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"Boss, the day after tomorrow, my sister and I will go back and move the liquid warehouse to your place together!" Said the beefcake I shook my head and then threw a wink to the devil, who immediately took out his cell phone: "Hey, add two liquid warehouses, yes, send the

"Boss, the day after tomorrow, my sister and I will go back and move the liquid warehouse to your place together!" Said the beefcake I shook my head and then threw a wink to the devil, who immediately took out his cell phone: "Hey, add two liquid warehouses, yes, send them to the old place, well, the price is the same, well?"? All right, three days later! Then he hung up his cell phone and said with a smile, "It's done." The beefcake opened his eyes wide and hesitated to say, "Boss … …" The eldest brother That's it? Will my sister and I go back with you? The crowd nodded madly. At this moment farmer asks: "Mighty male, you work in manor of scene show, where to live?" Mighty male laughs: "Not Far, be in the worker dormitory in front, Oh, the environment is pretty good still, I and younger sister live in a room." I frowned and said, "Come on, let's go to your place." With a loud roar, the boss hurriedly ran in and asked with a big smile, "Boss, what do you need?" Feelings are still fresh in his memory last night. I pointed to the handsome dead dog and said: "Help carry him back, Nuo,car radiator cap, this is a tip!" " Then he took out a thousand yuan and handed it to him. The boss took the money hurriedly and nodded with a smile. In this day and age, if you have money, you are the master, and if you have money, you can go all over the world. We, four men and two women, walked to the beefcake's house. The so-called staff dormitory is a place similar to a parking lot, which is smoky. In a place more than 30 meters wide, there are wooden doors on both sides. In such a gorgeous resort,non standard fasteners, I didn't expect that there would be such a dirty place. Occasionally, there was a female voice in the wooden door. I frowned and walked inside. In the middle of the walk, I pulled the devil directly and said, "Give me the phone number of the service center. How can people live in this place? Hurry to book two presidential suites. Damn it!" Dim light, shine on everyone's face, in addition to the fierce man and Minmin, expect people's faces to appear a trace of strange, here is a serious lack of oxygen ah. Ignoring the cry of the fierce man, I frowned out of the staff dormitory and went directly to the service desk. Damn, it's not my personal style to let my brothers suffer! She scolded the beautiful waitress in front of the counter and led the strong man to the presidential suite. As soon as enters the room, the fierce male and the sensitive sensitive's face is a pair of inconceivable appearance, the fierce male stammers asks: "eldest brother … …" This How much is this room per day? I patted the strong man on the shoulder and said, "Don't talk about money, brother!"! You and Minmin will rest here first. Our rooms are next door, 0079 and 0080. Go there to find us after the rest! Everything in the room is free to use! Then I smiled and pulled Bingbing "Qiang" back to my side and went back to my room. In this way, the strong man officially joined the ranks of our strong, the remaining three days in addition to drinking, DIN screw plug ,CNC machining parts, enjoy the scenery, is a few people together to play mahjong, playing poker, during this period, natural and unrestrained drinking fainted eight times. Before leaving Jingxiu Manor, the manager of the manor led a group of waiters to bid farewell with tears as if they were serving their father. The manager shook his fat body and said gratefully, "Boss.." Be sure to come back next time! Our Jingxiu is your home! Shit, nonsense, I spent nearly five million these days! Can you not treat us as fathers? Yesterday I drank as if it were natural and unrestrained … … So no update. Apologize. xiAoshUotxt.cOm Chapter 92 handsome concubine. The update will be over at noon tomorrow. In order to celebrate the entry of the beefcake, boss, should we have an earlier program or something? Handsome looked at me with a cheap face and said. I am fiddling with the mouse, is playing with CS, unfortunately, by the other side of the head, I scolded: "bastard!"! Eh? By the way, what did you just say? Natural and unrestrained stuck out his tongue and waved his hand and said, "No." No, no, I didn't say anything! I nodded "oh" and continued to play with CS. Beefcake after checking in, the place is obviously not enough, not to say that there is no place to play, but the room is not enough, but under, had to let the devil and farmers go out to find a room, buy a bigger villa, this plan must come down, all praise: "boss!"! You are so wise! Damn it! The little girl took Minmin to go shopping. I told the strong man to protect her. The two girls had no kung fu. If they met a bad person, it would be difficult to handle. As a result, I was the only one left in the whole room. He ate chicken legs helplessly, hummed a tune in his mouth, sat on the sofa and watched boring TV, and from time to time made a "tut" sound. As a result of being angry dozens of times, I angrily dropped the mouse flying Lao Gao, went to the handsome side scolded: "Boy, you know every day watching TV, you do not go home to see it?"? How much does your family miss you? He wiped his greasy mouth with a smile and said helplessly, "Boss, I call home every day. Besides, we are busy now. We will go back after we have a successful career." I "Bah" one way: "Career … … Damn, playing games has become a career! Then he sat down and turned over the magazine in his hand in boredom. Natural and unrestrained at this moment lewd laugh: "eldest brother, we go out to look for fun!" I turned my head and looked at him and said, "Having fun?"? Where do you want to go? Ballroom? A bar? Massage parlors? I'm tired of going to all these places! Handsome touched his head and said with a giggle: "Boss, it's still early, it's better to go back to school. When I think of the deputy monitor of our class, I leave saliva.." Liu Xue, the deputy monitor, is a famous campus beauty. When I was at school, if I hadn't seen her too young, like a little girl, I would have soaked him long ago. How could it be the turn of this handsome boy? But then again, although Liu Xue is extremely beautiful, she is an out-and-out money worshiper. When she is chasing her, she can't even squeeze out one hundred and eighty yuan in her pocket. No wonder people don't like to talk to her. I laughed and said, "What's the matter?"? How much money do you have in your pocket? Do you want to chase after a student girl? All right,deep draw stamping, go back and have a look! Then I went into the room and changed into a tight black suit, put on a hat full of punk ornaments, and looked so arrogant.



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