Fierce Destiny Ten Kill Array


Zhao Chun stopped a few meters away from them, looked at them and said, "Except for Mr. Shen, everyone else is here. Very good.".

Zhao Chun stopped a few meters away from them, looked at them and said, "Except for Mr. Shen, everyone else is here. Very good.". "Miss Chou, isn't it a bit overwhelming for you to entertain the distinguished guests here?" Zhou Chuchu asked Wang Feng quietly, "Who is he?"? Do you know him? Wang Feng also said quietly, "This man is called Zhao Chun. He is one of my students. He is also a God at ordinary times." Although his words are relaxed, but the heart feels very strange, usually see Zhao Chun did not feel how, but at this moment in front of Zhao Chun but let him have a kind of unconscious chill. Zhao Chun looked at them and smiled: "My name is Zhao Chun." "I know," said Wang Feng impatiently. What the hell are you doing here? Xu Huan suddenly interrupted and said, "Did you hear something and see something?" Wang Feng and Zhou Chuchu looked at him in horror at the same time: "There was a man talking to us there, but you didn't see him?" Xu Huan smiled and answered, "I am an atheist.". I can't see a lot of things. Whoever you are talking to, I can assure you that he is absolutely not a person. Not a person? Wang Feng looked doubtfully at Zhou Chuchu, who was also confused, and then turned to Zhao Chun,die casting parts, who was still smiling. Zhao Chun coughed softly and said, "I'm sorry, Mr. Wang. Mr. Xu is right. I'm not a human being and I never communicate with others.". It's just that since you came to substitute, I often listen to your class before I started to associate with you. After that, he touched his head and smiled with great embarrassment. Wang Feng looked at Zhao Chun and gritted his teeth and asked slowly, "Why didn't you tell me earlier?" Zhao Chun sighed, "I want to,metal stamping parts, too.". But I can't. "Why?" Asked Wang Feng. Zhao Chun smiles: "Because I am the same as Miss Zhou, also was controlled by 'that person', it is the compere of this array relevant place.". Fortunately, things in this position have been done for a long time, and I have nothing to do. When I transferred to school that day, I heard that your lecture was very interesting. In addition, you have your own wisdom and can see things that ordinary people can't see, so I always come out to chat with you when no one is present. "Why did you help him do this?" Wang Feng snapped. A lingering sadness suddenly appeared in Zhao Chun's eyes. I can't help it. I have the courage to resist, but not the ability to resist. During the war years, the government took a civilian and put a gun in his hand and pushed him on the battlefield, so he could only fight, and so did I. I'm a ghost who doesn't have to live at all, socket screw plug ,Magnetic Drain Plug, but I only have a very pitiful little bit of freedom. Miss Zhou, the man knew you were hiding here, but he didn't want to do anything to you at all. He really doesn't look at you, me, those of us who work for him, or ghosts. All he has to do is find someone else to bury the body at the West Country Lounge, and you're not a threat to him. Wang Feng hesitated for a moment and then asked, "Zhao Chun, I have never posed as a teacher in front of you.". If you still think of me as a friend, tell me where these 36 places are? And how to break this array? Zhao Chun smiled again with a wry smile. "How can I know where the other place is?"? My identity is the same as Miss Zhou, and I don't know anything! There is nothing I can do to break this array, but if you destroy several locations, you may be able to delay the start of the array; and you should note that the original purpose of this array is to trap someone. The man who controls me is so powerful that he doesn't need these evil things to increase his power. Wang Feng immediately asked, "Who does he want to trap?" Zhao Chun spread out and said, "This is also my guess. How can I know who he wants to trap?"? Who else is worth his sleep? It's just that this is specially used to trap people, and I haven't heard of other uses. Xu Huan suddenly interrupted: "This friend, although I can't see you, and I can't hear what you said, I believe the two of them are not talking to me. Please tell them your task in this school, Wang Feng. If he tells you, you can convey it to me.". ” Zhao Chun immediately said, "My task is very simple. I will watch the 36 corpses that have grown up and taken shape. If anyone accidentally meets them, I will try to erase their memories." Wang Feng relayed to Xu Huan. Xu Huan asks again: "Have you also seen 'that person'?" Wang Feng listened and said, "No." Xu Huan let out a long breath: "Where are all the bodies?" Wang Feng: Most of them are in the woods, and two of them are under the foundation of the teaching building and the library. Some of them have entered a period of shallow dormancy. Occasionally, he moves his hands and feet underground. Xu Huan sighs again: "I asked, so, can you let us go?" After listening to this sentence, Zhao Chun showed a sad look: "Maybe yes, maybe no.". Because that man can control me whenever he needs to. I can't figure out what he wants to do next. I don't know when he will come and when he will go. Let's just say I'm a knife and I can't control who I'm going to cut. I can't commit suicide, I can't faint, and even my eyelids are transparent. What else can I do? I can only enjoy the sight of killing myself. The moon is in the head of a small piece of sky, with Zhao Chun cold words, dense ghost gas in this square inch of the land diffuse, Wang Feng and Zhou Chuchu coincidentally hit a shiver, but Xu Huan seems to have never felt in general. The light of the moon gradually turned blood red. Xu Huan looked up to the sky and sniffed his nose forcefully: "On a dark and windy night, killing and setting fire!"! Let's just go! 8: Zhao Chun's body began to glow, and he was getting closer and closer to infinite transparency. The color of his eyes gradually changed from blue to red, his feet were off the ground,Investment casting parts, his body was floating in the air, and there was a cold atmosphere around him. Wang Feng and Zhou Chuchu watched all this in horror, only to hear Zhao Chun hissing: "Run!"! I don't know what he's going to do! Go and save Shen Rong. 。



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