Cannon fodder should be self-improvement


Cannon fodder should be self-improvement

After entering primary school, the infant name of Hua'er was not mentioned much, and the name of Gu Jiahui was recognized by the Fang family. Directly changed to Fang Jiahui. Perhaps with the idea of compensation, the Fang family had always treated Gu Xiaoxiao and Jiahui very well, and they were not short of money, but on New Year's Day, Fang's mother always put on the airs of her grandmother and forced Jiahui to give money. Gu Xiaoxiao did not change his name. Compared with Fang Xiaoxiao, she is more accustomed to her original name. But the Fang family had a misunderstanding. Several years later, they looked at Gu Xiaoxiao occasionally with a trace of guilt and shame. Gu Xiaoxiao also had a heart-to-heart talk with Fang's father and mother, as well as other brothers and sisters. At that time, in the chaos of war, a child was separated from his family and abducted. It was really not entirely the family's fault. In this era, although people's minds are in the civilized period, unlike the old era of strict restrictions on women, unmarried pregnancy and the idea of not marrying are still a matter of criticism. When Gu Xiaoxiao and the Fang family recognized each other, the business they were running was just beginning to look good. The Fang family was not afraid of rumors and rumors. They recognized her and Jiahui back to the Fang family. At the same time, they did their best to help her career, which was very touching. Almost all the suffering was suffered by Xi Niang, who was qualified to blame the Fang family, but Gu Xiaoxiao did not. Find relatives is fine Niang's wish, with her kind and generous character, should not blame the Fang family,metal stamping parts, they have not given up looking for her for so many years, which is enough to comfort her heart. As she grows older, Fang Jiahui is graceful and graceful, with a great demeanor, not inferior to those ladies who have been trained by both Chinese and Western education since childhood. Gu Xiaoxiao, as always, attaches great importance to Fang Jiahui's education. Because of the frequent domestic wars, she is busy with her career development, so she decides to send Fang Jiahui abroad to study. Studying abroad is the only way for most progressive young people in this era. Fang Jiahui readily agreed to her arrangement and offered to study in different countries and bring advanced science and technology back to China. Garment factory development momentum is good,Stainless steel foundry, because the quality is guaranteed, coupled with Yang Tengfei from the bridge, Gu Xiaoxiao later took up the military business, while making military uniforms, but also undertook some fragmentary peripheral production, which is not difficult for her. Gu Xiaoxiao has never been stingy in investing in factory buildings, machinery and equipment, as well as staff dormitories, and strictly enforces the eight-hour working system, although it has caused a backlash and exclusion from his peers. However, with the development of the times, the rise of the revolution of workers and peasants, and the continuous development of the general strike movement, Gu Xiaoxiao's factory was more stable. Money has always been necessary for Gu Xiaoxiao, but it is not the most important. Times change intensifies, deep draw stamping ,car radiator cap, domestic warlord melee has just been extinguished, wolves call for service, vicious dogs come back, want to swallow if the Great China, Gu Xiaoxiao hates aggression, but also hates those inhuman executioners, so she is very supportive of the war of resistance, and even for this study she is not very good at the weapons manufacturing industry, a large amount of capital investment, the introduction of top international talents, Gu Xiaoxiao's action has inspired many patriots. She not only has the idea of love, but also has a smart brain and strong financial support, which attracts many people with lofty ideals who are also concerned about the country and the people to join her. Faced with the support of many patriots, Gu Xiaoxiao specially set up a non-governmental public welfare patriotic organization, referred to as Chunyang Democratic League. It not only raised funds to support the army's resistance to foreign invaders, but also held various folk schools to adopt orphans and homeless vagrants. Rescue of abducted women and children. Chunyang is becoming more and more famous and involves more and more affairs. Many patriots living abroad choose to support the motherland to resist foreign aggressors through Chunyang, and some foreign anti-war activists help China through Chunyang. It is not enough to do charity only by a cavity of enthusiasm, scientific management and strict supervision mechanism are indispensable, even if everyone highly praises Gu Xiaoxiao's character. But she has experienced decades of experience, and her heart is tough. It is almost invulnerable to all kinds of temptations. But for another person, Gu Xiaoxiao can not always preside over Chunyang, whether the new successor can not waver under the sugar-coated shells, in the face of the threat of assassination does not retreat. When they are suppressed by local warlords, they can deal with them, ensure the safety of staff, and at the same time, let the charitable activities of Chunyang go smoothly. At the same time, the purpose of charity is to teach people to fish, not simply to subsidize, so that orphans can receive education, so that homeless men and women can acquire the skills to make a living. These things are very trivial and can not be accomplished smoothly by one person. So. Gu Xiaoxiao was very careful in choosing his successor. Fang Jiahui studied in different countries and learned many foreign languages. At the same time, Chinese traditional culture has not been put down. People abroad are still in love with China and always pay attention to domestic trends. While studying abroad, Fang Jiahui did not forget to use his language talent to translate all kinds of books and introduce foreign advanced science and technology into China in time. Academically, Jiahui has done a very good job. But she is really remembered because she set up Chunyang Distribution abroad. Organize students to propagate anti-war ideas and win public opinion and financial support for China. Perhaps because of this, Fang Jiahui really made a name for herself abroad, and even got to know the Chinese gangsters abroad, and obtained many new weapons developed by foreigners from the other side, which were transported back to China through the Chunyang organization. This was beyond Gu Xiaoxiao's expectation. When she was training Hua'er, she only hoped that she could be positive, knowledgeable and reasonable. At the same time, she could keep fit and practice some martial arts suitable for women. At the same time, she could practice marksmanship well and have the ability to settle down. In addition to love, Gu Xiaoxiao can not manage for Fang Jiahui, leaving aside Chunyang, the property under her name is enough for Fang Jiahui to have no worries about food and clothing for several lifetimes. In this environment, Fang Jiahui can get rid of arrogance, independence, and even cooperate with others to carry out dangerous arms trafficking, which makes Gu Xiaoxiao feel impressive. Gu Xiaoxiao was gratified and proud that the children raised by one hand could have such achievements. Think of the plot, the flower died in the pain of the appearance,Steel investment casting, she actually some heartache, probably their own children, more than ten years of nurturing feelings.



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