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"Male surnamed Tang, between 180 and 185 centimeters tall, born in 1965, native of B city, college student in the 1980s, now may be engaged in legal or judicial work," Fu Shiyu stood by the window and talked on the phone. "Yes, there is one more point to add.

"Male surnamed Tang, between 180 and 185 centimeters tall, born in 1965, native of B city, college student in the 1980s, now may be engaged in legal or judicial work," Fu Shiyu stood by the window and talked on the phone. "Yes, there is one more point to add. During the three years from 1988 to 1990, he had carried out rural teaching activities in the city." Hang up the phone, Fu Shiyu thought about things for a while, then turned around and sat back on the bed, one hand on the bed, looking sideways at Tang Xien. Tang Xien leans on the head of a bed to look at Kindle, see him finish talking on the phone, also raise a head to look at him: "Have method?" "With the information you provided, it should not be difficult to find people, directly screen out all the Tang men born in 1965 and over 1.8 meters tall in B city, and then compare and analyze them one by one, you can quickly lock in a suitable range." Tang Xien nods, wry smile: "You this is to look for a person, I look for so before, it is headless chicken to bump at random at all?" "You tried to find it before?" "Well, I asked someone from the research company to look for it, but it didn't work.". It is said that they also have a relationship and can go to the intranet to check, but they still haven't found it. Recalling the vast project of finding her father two or three years ago, she suddenly felt that she might not be able to find it this time. Too much time has passed, and some information has been blurred. Or maybe that person is no longer in the world at all. Otherwise,High Speed Nail Making Machine, how could so many years have passed without going back to Li Miaolian once? Thinking of this, Tang Xien felt a burst of sadness. Fu Shiyu saw that her face was not good. He got into the quilt and hugged her. He comforted her softly: "There is another possibility. He has already emigrated.". This time, we will first screen the permanent residents registered in B city, and if we can't find them, we will start with the immigrant population, and we will find them. "Yes, thank you." Don Sheehan put down his Kindle, drilled into his arms, put his arms around his waist, and adjusted a comfortable position. Fu Shiyu turned off the lights, and the room darkened in an instant. In the deep winter, most of the families in the town go to bed early. Now it's only nine o'clock in the evening, and there are no cars or people on the street. Tang Xien and Fu Shiyu lay in the soft and warm bed and hugged each other. Tang Xien is thin, wire nail making machine ,Nail production machine, Fu Shiyu is tall, her legs are long, her limbs are fine and strong, and as soon as her arms are closed, she locks her thin in her warm arms. Men's bodies are tight and warm, women are weak and boneless, they find the feeling they want and rely on most from each other, hugging more and more tightly, as if to rub each other into their bodies. He kissed her and whispered in her ear when he was most out of control: "Tangtang, I love you …" She also gave him the feedback he wanted most: "I love you too …" - On New Year's Eve, Tang Xien and Fu Shiyu had a reunion dinner at Ruan's house. After wrapping a big red envelope for Li Miaolian, they planned to go back to the hotel. She and Fu Shiyu had to go back to B city early in the morning on the second day of the lunar new year. They wanted to stay with Li Miaolian at Ruan's house for a while, but Li Miaolian was busy serving Ruan Fusheng and Ruan Jiahao's husband and wife all night, and didn't bother to talk to her at all. After all, Li Miaolian and the Ruan family were even more deeply involved. Especially after Ruan Jiahao married his daughter-in-law, she looked forward to having grandchildren as soon as possible every day. When she came back, she was wandering around her son and daughter-in-law. How could she remember her eldest daughter who didn't need to be worried about. Tang Xien was in a complicated mood. After the reunion dinner, he stopped watching the Spring Festival Gala and left the Ruan family with Fu Shiyu early. The car comes out from the village, Tang Xien asks: "Time is still early, do we drive around in the county town?" Fu Shiyu: "OK." They just drove around aimlessly. The road in the small county town is narrow, with only two lanes. Along the way, children wearing new clothes and holding red envelopes come out to play in groups. Both sides of the path are decorated with lanterns and colored streamers. There is joy everywhere, and the flavor of the year is very strong. The car passes city middle school, Tang Xien lowers window, pointing to that dilapidated school, laugh: "I go up in junior high school here before.". ” Fu Shiyu, who was driving, looked sideways and frowned. "It's at least dozens of kilometers from Ruanjiacun to here. Where are you staying?" "Yes," Tang Xien laughed. "I was very thin when I was a child. Later, I stayed and ate a lot of white rice from the canteen every day. In those years, my height grew from 1.4 meters to 1.7 meters." Fu Shiyu also smiled and held her with an empty hand: "Your mother is not short, and your biological father is more than 1.8 meters. It is normal for you to grow up to 1.7 meters." "So how important genes are," Tang Xien sighed. "Ruan Fu grew up short, and his two children inherited him." Isn't there a formula to predict the height of a child? You can test it on the Internet and see how tall our children can grow. Tang Xien laughed and shook his hand and said he was "bored", but he was still willing to satisfy him, and soon took out his mobile phone and tested it on the Internet. Oh, how terrible! She gave a sudden cry. Fu Shiyu became nervous: "What's the matter?"? Is the child a dwarf? Tang Xien looked at the screen of his mobile phone and said helplessly: "The boy is 193 centimeters, the girl is 172 centimeters.." The girl is fine. The boy is a little too tall. He is taller than you. "1.90 meters is really high, but the girl is 1.72 meters is very good.". Then we don't want to have a boy in the future, just a girl. Hearing this, Tang Xien pretended to be angry and gave him a white look: "It seems that you can decide the sex of the baby with your mind." "Don't tell me, there's a way." Fu Shiyu drove the car with a very serious tone. "My grandfather said that the reason why Uncle Gu's daughter-in-law next door could give birth to four sons was that she liked to eat alkali noodles.". Then let's do the opposite. When you're pregnant, let's avoid all alkaline foods. “…… Your grandfather told you this because he wanted you to eat more noodles and give birth to a boy, not because he wanted you to do the opposite. - Driving around the small county town is over in less than an hour. After returning to the hotel,wire nail machine manufacturers, Le Man called and heard that Tang Xien had returned to his hometown and warmly invited her to attend the reunion tomorrow night. Perhaps because he hadn't seen Le Man and his high school classmates for a long time, Tang Xien answered. When Fu Shiyu came out after taking a bath, he saw Tang Xien squatting on the ground and rummaging through his suitcase. "What are you looking for?" He asked casually. 。 3shardware.com



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