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"The prince has mentioned, but I am worried that Aiqing is still in the palace, afraid of hurting you." Forget it, just come back.

"The prince has mentioned, but I am worried that Aiqing is still in the palace, afraid of hurting you." Forget it, just come back. The old Phoenix King waved his sleeve robe needlessly, just as if he had suddenly aged a few decades, and his steps were a little laborious. "You should go back to the palace earlier, and visit your mother by the way." "I obey the decree." Hong Cyanide slowly raised his hand to perform a ceremony, the posture is not graceful, the divine officer. It's really not a boast. The baby also peeked at the dividing line of the exam review materials. "Where are you taking me." A row of ladies in goose-yellow robes in the gallery pavilion lowered their heads, peeked at me, covered their mouths and smiled, retreated respectfully and scattered, and ran away like running away. I'll take you to my mother. “…… Can you put me down first? I glanced around carefully and poked his front with my index finger. When he heard this, he looked askance, and the tip of his nose rubbed against my face, itching. He looked at me with a smile at the corners of his mouth. "Put you down?" Hum. Yeah, holding a teenager around, like what. He hesitated. "Good." Suddenly,nail manufacturing machine, the arms holding me suddenly loosened, my body sank, and the sky was dark and the earth was about to fall. At a glance, below is a winding and grotesque gravel road, how miserable it would be to fall down. His head was blank, and he immediately lay on top of him as accurately as a claw fish, holding his neck desperately. "Since I'm so reluctant,Nail machine supplier, I'd better hold it." With a smile in his eyes, Hong's hands came up again and clung me to his body, hugging me tightly. Anger. The fox did it on purpose and had no intention of letting me down. Grab your head. If he makes a mistake, he should have the backbone to fall down and make him feel distressed to death. Eh. What did he just say, meet his mother?! Mother?! The ugly daughter-in-law should always see her parents-in-law. But I can't even talk about a daughter-in-law. What do you see when you are a teenager? Freaked out.. "Hong Cyanide.." How's your mother's temper? What's her preference? I. "Here we are." Ah? Ah, ah, ah? Here we are.. What to do. I don't know what to say. Can you pretend to be dizzy? Silent temple, a few sticks of incense. A memorial tablet, on which the word "imperial concubine" is faintly visible. Looking around, the antique layout seems to be a place where a woman lives, but there is a very beautiful and powerful "Buddha" calligraphy and painting hanging on the wall. Hong Cyan. This I looked at him hesitantly, not knowing how to speak. This is my mother, Nail machine manufacturer ,Nail machine manufacturer, my son. He put me down gently and hooked the corners of his mouth, but instead of smiling, he could feel a trace of sadness when he looked at me. Hong's mother is the concubine of the Phoenix Kingdom, so is he the king's. "No." His finger gently brushed my face, and the phoenix eyes looked at the memorial tablet thoughtfully. After a long time, he said slowly, "Mother was forcibly brought back to the palace by the phoenix king, and I was there." Now the prince is born to his mother. Prince? The prince who knew that Hong Cyanide was still in the palace, but encouraged the Phoenix King to destroy the palace. Hong Cyan's half-brother. My head is in a mess. Oblivion.. Uh? "I brought you here today just to let you know that I may have hated my mother's cowardice, hated the Phoenix King's love of the new and dislike of the old, if not for his forcible capture of my mother, if not for his abandonment of her, perhaps my mother is still living happily in the world.." Maybe I won't play with flowers like this and forget to leave. Is it a happy revenge? I don't know. He moved his eyes and looked at me slowly. His eyes were so gentle that they were about to drown. His eyebrows and eyes were no longer frivolous, but more firm and calm. But I know.. I want you to see my mother. Very touched. The warm air in my heart was so hot that I couldn't speak. I just held his head in vain and gently stroked his soft hair. His hands were still restlessly wiping my oil everywhere. The stinking fox. Still so the dog can't change to eat shit, the fox can't change to steal chicken. Cold, what am I talking about, how can I scold myself again. But since you've moved me so much, I won't pursue it with you. —————————————————— The oracle's bedroom is a little too big. Closest to the Phoenix King's bedroom. It seems that the place on the east side should be the prince's bedroom, but why does Hong live here? Han, it seems that Hong Xi, the fox God, is really very popular in the Phoenix Kingdom. Fruit Delicious green fruit, A large plate of green and exotic green fruits with luster in the mouth. Wow. Clasp your hands and hold them tightly. He sat on the ground inappropriately, took one out and stuffed it into his mouth. Don't crisp the juicy flesh.. This fresh one tastes better than before. He squinted contentedly and happily. Oblivion.. Hong Xi picked me up from the ground, put me gently on the couch, leaned against the couch in a charming posture, looked at me with a smile, and then slowly swept my fruit. Glancing at him, with a defensive face, he hugged the plate of food and stayed away from him. He giggled, pulled me back, opened his arms and hugged me, "I won't rob you." Why don't you sit so far away and stay close to me? Keep calm and continue to eat my fruit. His hand touched my face, slipped into my hair, gently straightened it out, and disturbed it. His head was dizzy, and his thoughts were confused with the movements of his long white hands. Yawn and feel very sleepy. Full of warmth and lust.. I'm sleepy and I just want to sleep. Oblivion, are you tired? He asked softly, sweet and soft words like glutinous rice, itching in my ears. "Well." I hummed in a daze, not forgetting to grab a green fruit in my hand. He chuckled,wire nail machine manufacturers, hugged me, and slowly reached out to pull the quilt to cover us both. As soon as he woke up in vain, he bit his lip and held his sleeve robe in silence.



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