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My friend drank a lot of wine and was in high spirits. He continued to make noise in his ears: "I have to say that Zhao really has two brushes.

My friend drank a lot of wine and was in high spirits. He continued to make noise in his ears: "I have to say that Zhao really has two brushes. No wonder the business of pimping is booming. She is respectfully called the king by the people in the circle. This girl must be called out alone next time.". By the way, are you free to go skydiving in Australia next month? In a week, can you make room here? All you have to do is to spare the time, and I'll arrange the rest. I'm going to call these dancing girls together. Li Yima put his arms around his shoulders and looked ahead. His friend could not see his expression, nor did he know what he was thinking. Because of the study of erotic dancing, he was half an expert, so his friends commented a lot. In the second half, he was particularly excited and introduced sideways: "It's going to be the most difficult and beautiful movement in the whole dance." In this part, the girl still smiled gracefully and calmly, but she jumped up without any ambiguity, and every body movement was tight to the tip of her toes. Is sticking to the tube warm rotation, a strand of hair I do not know where to hang, brown long hair suddenly pulled off from the head, wig fell to the ground, revealing the original black short hair. The girl was startled and was at a loss for a moment. "Ah!" With a small cry of surprise, the strength of her hands suddenly dissipated, and she fell to the floor. At the same time as she fell to the ground, a crew-cut man in his thirties on the sidelines stepped forward quickly, lifted the girl who was still a little confused, picked up her wig and two high-heeled shoes, handed them to her, pinched her chin with a very ambiguous gesture, smiled and whispered to her several times,Nail machine supplier, as if to tease or comfort her, and asked her if she was injured. A pole dance ended with the girl falling to the ground by mistake, but she didn't care very much. She went all out when she danced, without reservation. When she made a major mistake, she was not depressed and annoyed, and her face was indifferent. After recovering from the initial shock, he got up, carried two silver high-heeled shoes and a wig, and left. When he left,Coil Nail Making Machine, the corners of his mouth rose slightly, and his eyes seemed to glance in the direction of the master, which was a look of contempt for everything. The crew-cut man who had just picked up her shoes looked at her appearance and felt itchy. Because of his face, he could not immediately follow her to the backstage dressing room. After returning to his seat and sitting down, he touched his chin from time to time, changed his sitting posture, and smiled alone in the direction of her departure. The friend watched the girl walk off the stage and then came to her senses. He turned around and explained to Li Yima on her behalf: "This girl was probably nervous and distracted just now. She was very angry and danced very well when she tried to jump." As he spoke, at a glance, he finally noticed that Li Yima's eyes were also nailed to the back of the dancing girl, and his eyes were angry and cold. The friend was startled and carefully recalled where he was not well treated as the host. After thinking about it, there should be no place where he was not well treated. It was the first proud thing in his life that he could be a friend with Li Jia's son for three generations. In the future, he hoped to join the circle of celebrities by making friends with him. So he usually held his thighs tightly and was two years older than him, but most of the time he called him "elder brother". As for today's party, when they came, they sent their artists to pick them up in person. After they arrived, they accompanied them all the time. It can not be said that they were not thoughtful and attentive. As for why he looked at the girl with different eyes, Nail Making Machine price ,iron nail machine, he could not guess here, but according to his experience, between men and women, it was nothing more than that thing, that little flower head, a high-level peripheral woman, and he did not necessarily have the revenge of killing his father? The friend secretly speculates his mind and the idea, one side gathers up to come forward gallantly to whisper: "Just these dancing girls how?"? Except for the one introduced by Zhao, the rest are all from the dance Academy. Is it all right? But more exciting is yet to come, lap dancing and snake charms are all appetizers, followed by high mountains and flowing water, water snakes in the sea, Russian turntable, the lower limit depends on yourself, to any extent. If you are not in the mood to play these, which ones you like, you can take them back directly. How about it? My brother is always considerate in handling affairs. Li Yima pointed to the back of the pole dancer who had already walked outside the court: "She." "Who?" "The girl who dances on the pole.". ” The friend was stunned, obviously embarrassed, and laughed: "So you also like this kind of hot and wild girl. If you like it, you will be introduced to you alone next time." To the crew-cut man sitting on the other side who had just picked up his shoes, the baby son of the president of the Chamber of Commerce in a postal district, who was over 60 years old before he was born, pouted, "Today's words are a little difficult. This guy has already taken a fancy to it first, and he will take it away later.". Hey, hey, hey. To tell you the truth, I'm also interested in this girl, but I have a business to ask this guy's father for help, and I have no way to ask for help. My friend not only opened an artist studio, but also intends to enter the real estate industry. Today's party is nominally to celebrate the newly signed flow floret, but it also has the meaning of pleasing a few good friends, such as Li Yima, a big tree and a stepping stone to the celebrity circle, and the son of the president of the Chamber of Commerce, who can help himself in the land auction, and so on. There are artists and stars in their own hands, while friends like to soak up artists and stars, so they have face. Use the resources in hand, in exchange for the help of friends, we all win-win things. Friends here are still hesitating, Li Yima has a cold face. But in Jianghu, there must be a principle of first come, first served. And Li Yimai, who has always been known for his low profile, prudence and good self-cultivation, is not the kind of arrogant character at all. Today, he is suddenly so sharp and aggressive, which is really not his style. His friend was secretly surprised at his attitude and was very embarrassed. In addition to his intention to make friends with Li Yima and break into the celebrity circle, his studio and paradise have also had business contacts recently, so he can't be offended in public or private. But the son of the president of the Chamber of Commerce was used to being arrogant and domineering. He walked sideways in this area of the postal district. He was not a good stubble. The girl he took a fancy to was suddenly cut off, and he certainly refused to give up. It doesn't matter if he suffers a little loss and becomes a laughing stock in the circle of friends,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, but if he does bad things with good intentions, offends both sides and loses these two powerful friends, he will lose 250 yuan if he wants to do this kind of business.



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