What are the Rules for Rejoining on Rummy Platinum?


A player is able to join a pool table only in the following circumstances:

When you play online rummy, you don't are sure what will happen the next. When you first enter the game, you're bound to be astonished by the results.

We aren't making fun of ourselves!

Once that the deck is dealt out, you and the other players in the game begin making combinations. This is the common goal for all rummy variations. There are a few slight variations in the rules for each variation that you must be aware of.

In the case of example, when we are talking about pool rummy, we have an option to return to an event after having been eliminated. Yes, you read it right! In the Rummy Game when a player is removed after achieving a certain score, they may re-join the game to play for the winnings.

There's one downside! The players must adhere to certain rules in order to join during their time at the Rummy Platinum platform. If you're interested, read on to learn about what rules apply and how.

Rejoining rules for Rummy Platinum

The rejoin option can be advantageous for players with experience who are focused at winning money and are looking to maximize the value of the money they stake. Be aware the fact that it is available for the game of pool rummy. It is also important to note that it can be played in a table that has six players.

Without further delay we'll begin by rejoining rules for the Rummy Platinum platform.

Criteria for joining

A player is able to join a pool table only in the following circumstances:

The player was removed from the game following scoring a specific amount.

The player has enough balance within their Exclusive Rummy account.

The highest score is less than the limit that has been set (which we will discuss in the next section).

If an individual has been pulled out of playing, they are unable to rejoin at a pool table.

Maximum score required to join

A player is able to rejoin a table for pool rummy only if their highest score is lower than the specified limit. For 101 pool rummy the player is not able to join when the score is greater than 79. However in the 201 pool rummy game it is necessary to score less than 174 in order to be eligible to rejoin the game.

If you've reached scores that are greater than the threshold above then you are eliminated and your request to rejoin is automatically denied. Please note that you are able to rejoin prior to the start of the next deal.

Fees for joining

If a player wants to join a table at Rummy Onlineand wants to join again, they must pay a small cost to play. But, prior to using this method, it is suggest that you have enough money within your account with your Rummy Platinum account. This is vital because the money will be taken from your gaming account only.

In the end the possibility of joining the table of pool rummy comes as a blessing for those who wish to be a part of a huge prize pool. If you're a player with an impressive rummy skill This is your opportunity to win huge winnings.

Rummy Platinum has exciting tournaments where you will not only be able to get cash prizes, but also you can win motorbikes, cars, laptops, smartphones and many more. Get our Rummy app today and you will receive a welcome bonus of Rs8850 that could be used for games for cash. Enjoy your gaming!

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