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Arrangement Mautic Cronjobs for Ubuntu, Cloud and VPN Server

I accept, Mautic is currently introduced effectively and you can explore to every one of the areas and investigate, nonetheless, without adding Mautic cronjobs for Ubuntu you cannot set off fragments and missions.

So assuming you need working fragments and missions you really want to introduce the Mautic cronjobs for Ubuntu.

Associate you're mautic utilizing the Putty Application

Enter you're login username and Password on Putty to get to your server

Compose on the Putty console

crontab - e

Press enter key on your Keyboard and duplicate all the cronjobs from the underneath table

All Required Cronjobs to run you're Mautic Efficiently

/10 * php/var/www/html/canister/console mautic:segments:update /dev/invalid 21

/10 * php/var/www/html/container/console mautic:webhooks:process /dev/invalid 21

/10 * php/var/www/html/canister/console mautic:campaigns:update /dev/invalid 21

/10 * php/var/www/html/canister/console mautic:campaigns:trigger /dev/invalid 21

/10 * php/var/www/html/canister/console mautic:social:monitoring /dev/invalid 21

    * php/var/www/html/canister/console mautic:email:sends /dev/invalid 21

0 0 * php/var/www/html/canister/console mautic:email:fetch /dev/invalid 21

0 0 * php/var/www/html/canister/console mautic:iplookup:download /dev/invalid 21

    * php/var/www/html/canister/console mautic:broadcasts:send /dev/invalid 21

    * php/var/www/html/canister/console mautic:import /dev/invalid 21


Press the CTRL + X key on you're console together

Press Y key on you're Keyboard

Pree Enter KEY.

That is all there is to it, all the required cronjobs for mautic have been effectively set up and presently you can utilize your mautic productively.


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