For 2022 Smart System will only encompass Bosch’s top of the line Performance Line CX Motor (which is found on most eMTB models), however it’d be fair to assume they’ll roll their lower tier offerings onto the new platform in the coming years. While Bosch will continue to produce their previous generations of motors and hardware, their older products won't be compatible with Smart System components.To get more news about electric bikes for adults, you can visit official website.

Starting with the Motor, somewhat surprisingly this is the component that’s seen the least amount of change. The performance metrics of the new Smart System Performance Line CX Motor remain the same as the current Performance Line CX Motor (85nm of torque, up to 340 percent assistance), however the mounting points are different, meaning there’s no compatibility with the current Motor and other components.To get more news about fat tire electric bike for sale, you can visit official website.

One positive change is the Smart System Motor’s compatibility with Bosch’s ‘ConnectModule’, which is a theft protection measure mounted to the drive unit. Bikes with the ConnectModule can sound alarms to deter thieves, and bikes can be tracked using the new eBike Flow app, which is covered further down in the article.The new LED remote is Bosch’s first foray into offering eBikes without a display, and it uses different colours on the right side of the Bosch logo to let riders know what mode they’re riding in, as well as 5 bars on the left side of the logo to show approximate remaining battery. This is a real trend in the eMTB space, and something Giant recently implemented in their new Reign E+ Range.To get more news about 52V Ebike, you can visit official website.

To compensate for the lack of display, Bosch are pairing the LED Remote with the eBike Flow App. Riders can connect to the app via bluetooth when riding to check any additional metrics not provided by the remote. This app connectivity also allows for wireless software updates (hooray!).As we mentioned in the LED Remote section, the eBike Flow App means riders with a Smart System bike can now perform software updates wirelessly. The app also provides new possibilities when it comes to theft protection and integrates with third party apps such as Apple Health.

When you open the app, it’ll be tailored to the brand of bike you own, so the layout of the Trek eBike Flow App will differ to the Moustache variant. The app will give you all the other information you’d expect, such as distance metrics, range, service intervals, and component usage. Whilst the LED remote only displays approximate battery remaining using 5 bars each representing 20 percent, the app will give you the exact percentage of battery remaining.

The eBike Flow App will also make it easier for riders to tune their ride modes (much like Shimano and Specialized offer in their apps), however Bosch's Tour+ and eMTB modes are great starting points.



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