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Love and marriage go hand in hand while we talk of unison. But, there is something that we try to shove under the pillow all the time and that is a heart-to-heart conversation about our sexual relationships or sex in general. Just like compatibility and love is mandatory for a marriage to work, the sexual relationships between man and wife are also important. We talk about our fights, our discomforts also try to to find solutions for it but we always try to avoid finding ways to improve our sexual relationship. This is where celebrity astrologer in India Mr. Hemant Barua can help you immensely. He is one of the most trusted and top astrologer in India. He has been felicitated with many 100+ prestigious awards including Global Jyotish Shrestham International Jyotish Ratan for his groundbreaking research inTrimayasha Remedial Work. And if you’re shying away from meeting him in person, you can also book a session of Online Astrology Consultation For Sexual Problems.

How the planets and constellations impact sexual relationships?

Just like any other aspect of a man’s life, sexual relationships can also be impacted by the positioning of the heavenly bodies. There is a detailed analogy in astrology for how these planets and constellations can create sexual problems in your life. In this article, we have made it simpler for you to understand how they impact and also give solutions to your sexual problems in astrology.

According to Astrology, Mars and Venus are the planets that play the most important role in the sexual lives of any human being. Vedic astrology determines the Yoni or the sexual behaviour and dimension of a person’s sexual organ according to their Nakshatras.

Sex and how they are related to the Yoni Nakshatras:

Sagittarius, Aries and Leo are hypersexual.

Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo are comparatively sober in their sexual ventures.

Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are secret admirers of the act of sexual exchange but they never admit to liking it.

Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are more into passion than sex when it comes to expressing their love.

Mars has a lot to do with its positioning in a person’s horoscope or constellation. The positioning decides the intensity of person’s sexual tendencies.

First house: When Mars belongs to the first house, it gives birth to strong sexual urges that results in an intesely active sex life.

Second house: Second house symbolizes aggressive and a bit hasty sexual interactions.

Third house: People belonging to this sector are expected to have a healthy sex life. They are generally bold enough to take initiative but it can result in failures at times.

Fourth house: In this case, the native is expected to be very lustful and selfish towards his or her partner with a hint of domination in them.

Fifth house: Fifth house natives are flag bearers of all things romantic but when it comes to love-making they prefer it wild.

Seventh house: People belonging to this house are slightly prone to having sexual problems in their lives, so much so that they might end up having an indiscreet sex life.

Eighth house: Anyone belonging to this house shall have a great married life with a lot of indulgent sex.

Ninth house: Ninth house natives are the right people to administer consent and moderate sexual drives together. Soft and melodious is the rhythm of their sex lives.

Tenth house: The people of this house are slightly inclined towards achieving the climactic pleasure in any sexual act.

Eleventh house: These natives long sexual companionship but do not want to ask for it or talk about it directly. It is always very easy to satisfy them.

Twelfth house: These people are into fast and quick sex. They would resort to all possible types of awkward sexual activities to get away with it soon.

These are some of the examples of how the planetary bodies impact the sexual lives of an individual. It is about time we start talking about our sexual problems like we do for the other problems like financial, marital or others.

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