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The Mebo GI Capsule, HAS BEEN REPLACED WITH A MORE POTENT PRODUCT, THE GI VITAL SOFTGEL, a Natural Health Product which restores your health from within, keeps you strong, fast, as well as increase your IQ, amongst others.

The Product Regenerates and Rejuvenates the entire body, and if the right dosage is taken, CURES, NOT MANAGE BUT CURES, ailments in the Body.

The GI Vital Capsule when taken, release tremendous amount of Stem Cells into the body, and this aids very rapid healing and regeneration.

Functions of GI Vital Softgel:
1. In addition to other Products, GI Vital Softgel Capsules, prevents as well as Cures all types of Eye Sight Problems, namely Total Vision Loss, Glaucoma, Cataract, Night Blindness, Short and Long Sightedness, Watery Eyes, etc.

Those who lost their vision as a result of surgery or illness, will regain their vision after using the combined Products, for 4 – 6 months, or more in very severe cases.

I am presently treating cases of glaucoma and cataract and the patients are responding to treatment. I have successfully treated other eye problems in the past.

Please note that we combine the Product with other Products to treat so many other ailments in the body.

2. GI Vital Softgel heals all types of ulcers and intestinal problems, including stomach ulcers, without leaving a scar. I have personally used it successfully to cure a good number of patients, and counting, experiencing stomach ulcer. And they have referred others to me for treatment. Almost on a daily basis, I receive messages from ulcer patients.

But please note that you have to take the Product the right way to get result, and also sufficiently to get permanent cure, without a scar; and I mean permanent cure.

I am saying this because some patients buy the Product from online stores without a clue on dosage.

Please note that if you do not take it, and our other Norland Products the right way, there will be no result.

This Product contains 50 Capsules.

A bottle costs N26000
We sell both Retail and Wholesale.
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