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The major ingredient of this Product is Chitosan, referred to as “Health Gold” by the Japanese.

They say, “Rather Than Look for Gold, Look For Chitosan.”

Chitosan is a Body Cleanser (Detoxifier).


1. It regulates the immune system.

2. As a cleanser (detoxifier), it helps cleanse poisonous elements from the body.

3. It has anti-cancer properties and thus kills cancer cells.

Also it has anti-inflammatory properties and thus reduces lumps or growths in the body.

4. Prevents matastais (transfer) of cancer cells.

5. Regulates blood pressure.

6. Regulates high blood sugar.

7. Regulates high blood lipid

8. Reduces radiation, pollution effects.

9. Eliminates heavy metal from the body.

10. Helps to loose weight.

11. Can be applied topically to stop bleeding.

12. Hastens the healing of burns scalding and trauma.

13. Forms artificial skin without any scar.

14. Relieves lumbago and back pain, and pains generally.

The Product Costs N25000.

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