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What Is HIV?

It is a virus that causes damage to the immune system. But as you know, the immune system is supposed to protect us from infections.

And when you fail to treat HIV, it affects as well as kills CD4 cells, an immune cell called T cells. And as this continues, the body continues to get all types of infections and cancers.

HIV is transmitted through bodily fluids, e.g. blood, vaginal and rectal fluids, breast milk, semen.
It doesn’t spread through water, air or casual contact.

HIV is a lifelong condition and Scientists say that there is no cure yet for the ailment. They are still searching for a cure.

And as the ailment progresses, the patient may likely develop a serious condition called AIDS.

At this stage, the immune system is compromised, because it’s too weak and cannot fight off other diseases and infections.

Now let me give you a true life story. This happened during a Norland Seminar at Bori, Ogoni, East of Port-Harcourt, Rivers State. There is this lady who was HIV Positive. A Norland Distributor tried convincing her to purchase Products for treatment. She didn’t purchase the Products until much later. She eventually bought Norland Mebo GI, Oligopeptide, and Immune + Capsules, and commenced her treatment.

After 3 months, she went to see her doctor for check-up, test was carried out, and the test result showed that she has become HIV Negative.

Watch a video of the Testimony on the Post

In view of this very good news, I am asking those who are HIV Positive, to come purchase the Mebo GI (now replaced by GI Vital Softgel, Oligopeptide, Immune + Capsules for Women, Immune Vital Capsules for Men, and commence treatment, in their own interest.

Treatment for 1 Month is N112,000.

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