Micromobility Telematics Market Will Reach $13,010.4 Million by 2030

Some of the key factors propelling the micromobility telematics market expansion are the growing need for first- and last-mile transportation, substantial expenditures on micromobility, and rising demand for micromobility services.

Due to all these factors, the market is projected to reach $13,010.4 million by 2030. The market is anticipated to grow quickly because of the quick integration of locking mechanisms, network services, smartphone connections, and fleet optimization into such services.

Being stopped on the road during traffic congestion leads to lost productivity and working hours. Not only does it destroy individual productivity, but it also affects company productivity. This problem is solved by micro-mobility transportation, including e-bikes and electric scooters, which offer a more portable mode of transportation and help lower the number of automobiles on major highways.

By providing mobility alternatives for shorter distances, micromobility services play a crucial role in bridging the first- and last-mile mobility gap, which is a fundamental element in the market's expansion. These services are often utilized for trips that span less than 5 kilometers.

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