Searching for the best sash window company London

Searching for the best sash window company London? Sash4U is here to help you. From the moment you contact us, we come out for a quick on-site assessment and offer free advice and a no-obligation price, with a focus on repairs and the preservation of your original sash windows. We will not try to sell you replacement sash windows; instead, we believe that repairing and reusing your existing woodwork is the best solution. We are hesitant to discard good joinery when simple repairs and overhauls can restore windows that are possibly a hundred and thirty years old or older. When double glazing of the original sash window would have been a viable option, it is all too often replaced with uprated wooden double glazed sash windows in London. We still have difficulties with the basic sash window design, as amazing as it is. Windows that are improperly installed are draughty, may rattle, enable dust infiltration, may be noisy, and most importantly, lose vital heat. All of these sash window repairs are simple and inexpensive. A simple overhaul and draught-proofing will drastically reduce draughts, rattling, and dust infiltration, making your home much more comfortable. For more info, call us at 0800 468 1088.

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