If you want to open a business on your premises, apply for a premises licence application. The government needs to ensure that businesses are operating legally and safely. The premises license application process can be complicated, and knowing who is eligible can be confusing.

In general, anyone over the age of 18 can apply for a premises license. However, there are some situations where more than one person may need to apply together, or if the applicant is under 18, a responsible adult must complete the application on their behalf. For example, any premises providing entertainment, such as theaters or concert venues, would require two people from separate organizations to be jointly responsible for its management – one owner of both companies involved.directors or managers may join.

Online Personal License Course
Base license application for online personal license course is an important process for anyone wanting to work in hospitality, catering and other related industries. Individuals must complete a premises license application to the relevant local authority or county council in order to obtain a licence. Individuals wishing to apply for a personal license course should understand what information they need to provide in order to successfully submit their application.

Key elements of the online personal licence course process are: providing proof of identity; setting out the details of the proposed activities; display good standing submission of drawing plans of premises and rooms; Providing appropriate insurance cover and risk assessment. Each applicant will also need to provide evidence that they have completed a relevant approved training course covering such topics as the law relating to the sale of alcohol, responsible retailing practices and public health issues.

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