Home Automation Services Auckland

This home automation services Auckland via a smart phone, tablet or computer, a modern smart home can be easily operated. Depending upon specifications, it uses a range of technologies. In all cases, by combining various systems under one umbrella scheme, we aim to reduce the use of multiple applications. The aim of home automation services Auckland is to have a lighting control system to quickly and easily change the lighting in your home or have lights come on automatically when you come home at night, have the lights dimmed with the click of a button in the dining room, and create an intimate environment for your dinner party. Brighten the route to your door with safety-enhancing lighting for the walkway. At MCW Electrics and Automation, we also install, upgrade, replace, and repair home security solutions. This includes CCTV systems, home alarms, door entry systems, access control systems, and more. The range of products we offer come with a powerful set of features that often includes giving you remote access, control, and monitoring capabilities. This enables you to manage and stay up to date with the security of your home from wherever you are in the world. You’ll get a competitive price when you come to us too, and quality workmanship is guaranteed. Call us today on 021 186 0103 to get a free, no-obligation quote and to speak to one of our electrical, home security, or home automation experts.

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