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Dear Investors Esteem,

I am again compelled to inform you that my not being able to reach every one as frequently as you may desire in this trying time is not intentional.

However, I deemed it most appropriate to inform you of some of the challenges I have been facing recently as I reflect on the best way to meet up with my obligation of paying you your entitlement. Infact I have paid as many as 250 to 300 persons between the month of May and July (some in parts, some in full). This claim can be substantiated as I've attached screenshots of some of the payments made.

Although the payments were not so impressive intend of Volume, I wanted to demonstrate to all of you that I have not shifted one bit no matter any adverse opinion to the contrary, from my initial commitment to pay everyone.

As a matter of fact just 2 days ago, I have on the advice of my lawyer, prepared a template for payment which I will have started from Monday the 26th July, 2021. This honest and noble plan of mine have been frustrated just about 9.45 p.m. Thursday. I discovered that my account has been embargoed.

This brings to 3 ZlideIn accounts that have been frozen. There is no doubt that you all have righteous reasons to be angry on the state of affairs foisted on ZlideIn not by design but by forces I could not control or avoid. 

It is in this regard I need your full support, sober reflection, empathy and objectivity as arrest, threats of arrest and Assassination will not bring your money.

Please do everything to assist me to have peace of mind and focus that I seriously need to actualize my pledge.

Thank you very much for your anticipated understanding. 


PS: Please click the link below to see more screenshots of some payments made so far, from May to July.

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