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Dear Zlider,

Greetings to you and Happy New Month.

As promised, the platform has begun to find its feet and so payments have resumed. It may interest our investors to know that efforts made to acquire extra capital have been partially fruitful. In light of this, the platform is now on its way back to the top. As a result, we have commenced part payments to members across board.

Based on market forces, it usually takes at least 2 to 3 days to determine the proper direction of trades, consequently, most of our payments will be commencing from Wednesdays or Thursdays every week, this is to enable us to trade right before we start paying.

We should all know that during the period of non-payment, our businesses have continued to run smoothly and as such has left a formidable backlog of withdrawals. It is due to the volume on ground that it seems as if payment has not begun. We should remember that Zlidein has over 10,000 accounts running and so we continue to enjoin everyone to exercise patience as payment will get to their turn very soon.

In light of the distress caused by our non-performance in the last few weeks, members of the platform have suddenly become victims of their good. We wish to repeat our appeal to every Zlider that since we have begun payments no matter how small, please give the platform and members that introduce you time to redeem our reputation. Assuredly, the impact on our recommitment to sustaining this business has started to go round, although our efforts continue to be overshadowed by reports of law enforcement harassing members and staff. These rash actions as earlier stated continue to thwart the re-growth of our business.

We believe that these actions are prompted by fifth colonist who desires the failure of our endeavour as it has become clear that some people don’t want other people to have good money and therefore allow the circle of poverty to continue in Nigeria. Tactics that they have used include the spread of fear, false information, and outright defrauding of the platform.

Predicated on the above, every Zlider should give peace a chance as we have resumed operations. We know that there is financial pressure in every corner, just as we know that attacking the Zlidein Platform in its current fragile state would bring the platform down. We encourage every Zlider to search their heart if they decide they want ZlideIn to live or go down. As for us, we want this business to continue far into the future and so we require all law enforcement actions against us to be paused immediately in other to prevent another disruption of our operations and thereby causing further terrible delays in payments.

To every Zlider that has been harassed one way or the other because of the problems we are facing, please accept my heartfelt sympathy and apology. We promise to improve our operations in such a way that harassments will become a thing of the past. Kindly take heart with the knowledge that we will emerge victorious and the evil plans of the fifth colonist will fail.

Thank you and God bless.
Nathaniel Omoefe Oforofuo.

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