It's difficult to accurately capture
It's difficult to accurately capture Nov 26

It's difficult to accurately capture

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It's difficult to accurately capture the game-planning aspect of football in a realistic fashion. Therefore, it's hard to be able to blame Madden designers for choosing a system with in-game attribute boosters for specific play types.

But a good strategy won't automatically enhance a player's ability to play specific areas of the game. rather, it places that player in situations that help make his job easier by making play-calls. My best corner won't be able to protect their top receiver. No matter how much we attempt to concentrate on man coverage, we'll have a hard time playing many games of Cover 1.

One way to make that happen more realistically is to require users to narrow down the types of formations and play options they're required to play during a given game. For instance, if you're faced with a team is adept at defending the inside zone then you could choose more outside zone runs in the game plan.

This could be an additional way to increase the significance of the coaching team. An experienced coordinator could let you include more games in your game schedule each week. A poorly-rated assistant could limit your play-calling options.

I do like the addition of halftime adjustments, and this idea could be carried over to my proposed system.

It is possible to adjust your selection of plays in response to what you're seeing from the defense during the first half, and the quantity of plays that you can change could be based on your coach's strengths.
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