I really do see why some gamers may not be interested
I really do see why some gamers may not be interested Nov 28

I really do see why some gamers may not be interested

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It's enjoyable to see how absurd you is to break the match. Do stuff you never thought you could do.

You Should Be blackpilled pretty bad on OSRS

Dunno, leagues is fun because the dopamine drip is near constant and its rewarding to tryhard. I would never bother with EHP training in the principal game because the hours between level ups is so far and few in between. In leagues you can play with it AFK by simply taking draining strikes and essentially afking every PVM non boss task, or you could tryhard and spec out supervisors together with ornate.

I disagree. Imo TL is only better designed. The systems they add (map unlocks, relics, no GE) customize account development & empower multiple"optimum" /"meta" trajectories throughout the game.

The most important problem OSRS has is that it's (effectively) a competitive single player game using a rigid worldwide meta and mechanics for gamers to trade USD for best in slot gear.

I didn't state the ONLY reason TL is fun is due to its relative speed in contrast to main game. That's a huge portion of it though; TL doesn't and debatably couldn't exist in a vacuum.

I believe each game mode has it's location -- main game enables you to do things in which you desire, TL let's you do them when you want. They operate together nicely and I like things the way they are.

A competitive skilling scene wouldn't exist if it were not for the relatively slow xp rates and difficulty in advancing your character . Fully completing the game would not be that much of an achievement if no true devotion, endurance and time were required either.

I really do see why some gamers may not be interested in the skilling/levelling part, if they're more into pvm/pking/socializing. But grinding skills is a core component of the sport that many enjoy.

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