Jagex and The Dangers of a Half-Assed Wildy
Jagex and The Dangers of a Half-Assed Wildy Jan 08

Jagex and The Dangers of a Half-Assed Wildy

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The full slayer/ slayer mask/ slayer headgear can help you be cool and more comfortable when you're begging. Being frugal can help you save you money when investing in German software companies or expensive skills such as prayer.

The disadvantages: It takes a long time to earn money, unless willing to stalk. This can result in a lot of assaults and beatings, however it's worth the effort. Once you are able identify a person who is religious and begin to earn a lot of cash.

I've been wandering through Runescape these past couple of days, lost in. What made RS so popular in the past was the little guilds and organizations which popped out without Jagex. This thread is dedicated to them and hopefully will help them get back to the numbers they once enjoyed.

World 66 Laws ~ This is among the oldest Member organisations around. The premise is simple. You bring your essense and they give you laws and a list of essense. Red robes are used by official crafters. World 16 AirsThis is freeplay, just like law running. You only need to provide the crafters with Essense, and they'll provide you with airs. World 132 Yanille FlutchersThis is a space where fletchers can hang out in relative quiet far from the main banks. Does anyone know of more, where people simply gather to skill in tranquility?

This is Why You Should Be Boss

I am here to tell you about the advantages of bossing. It's not going to be beneficial for lower levels however it can be helpful when you reach a decent combat level. Benefits ---- As you boss others, you can also gradually increase the value of your bank. The greatest benefit is that you can get many drops without getting bored. I can assure you that after a while of bossing, you will have enough to play chaos (or 99), ayak(charms also), pro gear, 99 mage, and range deending on how much you invest in.

The most powerful and high-leveled players can earn you wealth like the divine sigil, god of wars dungeon items, and even torva armor. You don't even need to get 96 herblore because the majority of teams need extremes and chaos, not overloads.

The fire cape/ bandos armour/ chaotic weapons can increase your percentage in killing and joining teams and can really aid in obtaining something valuable like party hats. If you can save some money on expensive skills, like herblore, you could get effigies from bosses (ONLY LOO'S). Anyone who is scared of being ruled by their low levels can still do a lot for their bosses and might even be able earn a lot of money through the incredible lootshare system.

Disadvantages----Takes extremely long to see drops such as a sigil from corp or torva armour from nex and can get frustrating but the effort is well worth it. When you've got more requirements, such as extremes and turmoil or weapons that are chaotic, you won't start seeing many drops. Only then will it be simpler to join teams that are good. Discuss the advantages or disadvantages when you boss.

I'm at level 129. I started playing RS roughly a month before RS2 was launched. Since I was in middle school in the time of my release, it was very easy (and usually just a few days) to find opportunity to engage in RS. I meant that I was a normal child with good academics. I also played regular sports. However, when you're young, there's only so much you can do and I was among the very first people in my county to get DSL back then (Still have it fuuuu.png) So what did I have to lose by getting my scape on? God knows how much I've learned about computers from that game.
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