Doubling the investment simply doubles the return
Doubling the investment simply doubles the return Feb 25

Doubling the investment simply doubles the return

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Since the coming of the grand exchange, things can be traded for money with ease, and can efficiently be considered the exact same thing. Say that (hypothetically) you require 100k cannonballs for slayer and can manage 200k, at 250gp each. If you purchase 25000k 100k cannonballs and they rise to 300gp each, then you effectively have 30000k, which you may convert to cash or use. Likewise, if the cannonballs rather fall to 200gp every day, you may effectively have 20000k, which you can convert to money or use.

Doubling the investment simply doubles the return, whether it be negative or positive. If you believe cannonballs will rise, then invest as much cash as you want into them: the higher the investment, the greater the potential gain on whatever you do not wind up using. If you end up buying fewer cannonballs than you need, then should they rise you'll need to pay for the rest at a higher cost.

Fundamentally, if you think cannonballs will grow, then invest in them no matter how many you think you will want for slaying. If you are unsure whether or not they will rise, then keep your money as money and purchase cannonballs as you go instead of stockpiling.

Over the last week, I've noticed the gradual increase of stray clockwork cats everywhere. I saw one running around the wildy a few days back amongst all the PvPers. I figured it was just somebody's follower, even though it was running free and not following anyone (I tried to catch it imagining it didn't belong to anyone, it the game said,"That is none .") . There was about 4 or 5 of those running free across the GE. Other places, too.

Has anyone else noticed this? Is that a gimmick by Jagex to get folks interested in crafting (or simply buy their very own cat)? Or if you die using a feral cat after you, does your clockwork cat become a"stray cat" wandering around in that location for a while instead of just disappearing how most lost things do (but how often do people die within the GE)? (As an aside, have you ever discovered if you have a real cat following you, it is going to get into fights with stray dogs that you pass, lol?)

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