I currently make about 2 mil a day merching p2p
I currently make about 2 mil a day merching p2p Jan 31

I currently make about 2 mil a day merching p2p

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1-15 Basic trees south of this ge, either market to the ge, cut to unstrung bows and market to general store, or burn off the logs. 15-31 Oaks south of this ge. Sell them to the ge, cut into unstrung bows and sell to the general store, or burn off the logs. Get an adamant hatchet and put a rune one along with a dragon hatchet into the bank for afterwards. 31-68 Cut willows in Barbarian assult. Burn them, or drop for up to 20k more wc exp an hour, but lose an enormous quantity of fm exp. 68+ Cut ivy at any place you would like to, and wear a rabbits foot necklace. Be wary of bird nests.

I currently make about 2 mil a day merching p2p. I now have 38 mil money that I merch with and I have a net worth of about 40-42 mil. I wan na na learn better strategies. I'm not asking what your things are, but how you go about merching. What sectors do you focus on? How long or short are your investments? Do you reverse? How long can you maintain a flipped item? I will start...

that I merch items with high buy limits (10k-25k). I nearly alway flip. I concentrate on meals, runes, and leftovers. I monitor a few things that I know crash every so often and make money off that too. I'm constantly switching expensive weapons and armours that I use in order to keep my cash and create more occasionally. Bought claws, lent for 1 mil total and sold. Since weapons and armours are usually in a constant spiral down, its great to do things like that.

I cant reverse barrows or some other weapon or armour for that issue very well. Tips? I will buy just about any product that someone is trying to hurry sell and turn a profit on it. Ie my fury instance. Things like this. My turning time is dependent upon the product's trend. If its moving up, poorly max purchase in its current min cost (how I ascertain maximum and min prices will be explained below) and then offer them in their max as soon as the transaction is complete. Occasionally I buy/sell for 1gp over the min/max based on the profit margin and how quick I understand them to buy/sell.

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