Jagex and The Dangers of a Half-Assed Wildy
Jagex and The Dangers of a Half-Assed Wildy Dec 10

Jagex and The Dangers of a Half-Assed Wildy

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Summoning presents an issue. It is a good idea to be able to drop everything at once, just as other items in RS. The limitation on pouches is strange in the world of pvp. There is no way to solve this problem. Perhaps the best option is to leave it as "pouchin invent, combat is over"

My final and most important point, do not have pvp wilderness worlds. Never. The excitement of being out in the wild allowed me to do one thing that pvp or the bh worlds can't: it was the most efficient approach to this aspect I have ever seen in any other game.

Pvp meeting pve players. Although it was not required, non-pvpers could to to participate in pvp games for rewards. My above point for the quests is that every player should have access to that kind of content, but making some worlds "safe" defeats the point completely. This is what I am most worried about. A safe world where there are no threats to the world is not what the game was designed for.

No runecrafter with use the abyss of danger since there's a safe one to use one hop away. Armoured zombie goers can simply traverse a safe environment and pop over to a dangerous one once from the wilderness, in fact this would be the case for anything. This is a plea. Don't promote the idea that "safe" realms can be located in the wilderness. It defeats the purpose and detracts from the enjoyment of the wild.

Wilderness and Free Trade

Free trade and wilderness are being debated. What happens to the things that were intended to replace it? A quick history lesson... GE- was founded about a year prior to the infamous updates to free trade.

At first, the armor of the ancient warriors was designed as statuettes. The pvp drop was so terrible in the past that they decided to make them luck drops to ensure you could obtain these items.

Statuettes- Introduced as part of the new bounty hunter system, these statuettes gave a hope for good loots and decent money for pkers. The estimated potential was introduced with the new bounty hunters system, and provided players with an idea of their odds to get good loot. PvP worlds were created to replace the old bounty hunter system, which was a multi-world system, but was reduced to a handful of worlds.

Hotspots are areas that provide loot that is more 'kinder to players. Clan Warsone of the very first minigames that allow the use of f2p. They replaced massive wilderness fights between clans. New Bounty Hunter: After months of pvp jagex introduced lootkinder as well as a new method to play pk.

FFA arenas The update to FFA arenas is the worst thing in Runescape. It came in an update that ended clan wars forever. It was able to decrease the number of people there and make it a boring experience. I won't even get started about the dangerous arena. Request assistance was created after we couldn't trade items to make into various kinds; e.g. Smithing armour for low level, air/law/etc runes.
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